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June 13, 2016

Sometimes people think that those with Cerebral Palsy could never be athletic. Think again. Athletes with Cerebral Palsy are as numerous as they are fierce, and as inspirational as they are dedicated. Take Devon Berry, for example, who played football and wrestled in high school despite having Cerebral Palsy and not being able to stand without a walker. Only fresh out of high school, Berry has spoken as a motivational speaker, was featured on ESPN’s E:60 program, and is passionate about focusing on ability rather than disability.

Berry refuses to let...

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June 10, 2016

There is a wide assortment of associative conditions tied to the brain injury resulting in a Cerebral Palsy diagnosis. One example of a condition that can correlate with Cerebral Palsy is microcephaly. This condition, marked by a smaller head size than typical newborns, ranges in frequency, but has reached newfound awareness as a result of the Zika virus.

What is...

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June 09, 2016

We have provided a number of tips regarding how to help your child with Cerebral Palsy beat the heat this summer. One of the items discussed was the various cooling products available. Beyond simple ice packs or fans, there are a number of products, including cooling pads, that uses advances in manufacturing to provide effective help at a reasonable price.

Our goal is to highlight several different products you might not be aware of, or know their affordability. We have not personally reviewed each of these products: we encourage you to compare costs and explore...

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June 07, 2016

Books can educate, transform, and inspire us. Children with special needs may not read too many books with characters like them, but is important they do so they know they aren’t alone. There are plenty of books about Cerebral Palsy (including characters or themes) out there (we just need to dig for them) not just for children, but for parents as well. These books can educate and spread hope for those who lives are touched with CP. We want books to educate and inspire everyone possible, so we found 10 books about Cerebral Palsy that children and adults can consider and...

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June 02, 2016

With the warm weather now here across the country and school wrapping up, you may be looking toward some summer activities for the family. Whether it’s fun in your backyard or taking the family much further away from home, summer can often feel like an open-ended series of opportunities. Unfortunately for children with special needs, though, the world is not entirely accessible. In the pursuit of providing ideas for summer activities to consider, we’ve put together a few options that we hope your family will consider!

Do you like to get outside and interact with...

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June 01, 2016

Anyone with a wheelchair knows how hard and stressful it can be to make sure a location is wheelchair friendly. Even though restaurants or other locations should have options for those in wheelchairs, that may not always be the case. Especially for children who use wheelchairs, we want to make sure that everyone can be comfortable and stress-free when going out. It can take a load off the child and the parent just knowing that the place they are going to is wheelchair accessible. We want to make it easier to find accessible places, so we searched and found 6 apps that...

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May 31, 2016

Much to your child’s delight, the school year is coming to an end. For children in grade school, there’s still plenty of school to come but the summer represents a momentary escape. For you, as a parent, it can mean a number of things: trips, planning, summer activities and more. Before you get too distracted planning for summer, though, there are some things to consider regarding your child’s school year and the one to come. We have a few suggestions to serve as a thought starter for your ‘end of year’ analysis so that the next school year can be an even bigger success...

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May 20, 2016

We like to share a wide range of information on our Facebook Page, most often profiling the achievements and assistance available for children. However, we also like to show the incredible accomplishments that adults with Cerebral Palsy have accomplished. In doing so, we hope that the efforts inspire those who do not know what the future can hold for their child. One outspoken author, Nicole Luongo, accomplishes both of these goals: sharing her voice regarding childhood while also demonstrating the sky is the limit...

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May 18, 2016

One of the unfortunate conditions associated with Cerebral Palsy involves difficulty communicating. Whether this revolves around struggles with verbalizing or cognitive issues, the fact remains that children often face challenges when looking to express feelings, thoughts, needs and more. Assistive technology is an effective way to get the everyday needs communicating, but what about deeper, more emotional thoughts. We believe art is a fantastic medium for children to express themselves and those living with Cerebral Palsy are no different.  

Beyond being a...

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May 16, 2016

We here at are proud of the work and effort we put into helping children with CP and their families. While our help ranges from adaptive equipment to assistive technology, bill assistance to home modifications and beyond, we sometimes receive specific requests that we quickly dive into researching. One of those requests involved finding options for getting a service dog in Washington. We hope that we found helps!

First, it’s important to note that there are multiple options when it comes to getting an assistance or service dog in Washington....

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