Cerebral Palsy Help in Your State

Regardless of your income level, being a Cerebral Palsy parent means you could use some help. Ranging from getting someone to help watch your child with special needs to critical resources from federal programs, every little bit helps. It is important, though, that parents connect with the Cerebral Palsy help offered by their state. Doing so helps in getting more local, region-specific assistance, while also opening doors for down the road as your child ages.

But how do you get Cerebral Palsy help in your state? Even in this digital age, access to special needs programs is often complicated with paperwork and red tape. The special needs community is also frequently overlooked when it comes to state and local budgetary increases each fiscal year and parents of children with Cerebral Palsy are then forced to struggle to make ends meet. Without assistance, parents of children with CP face extreme challenges; even parents of children with mild CP still deal with rejections to the most modest and reasonable Cerebral Palsy help requests.

These circumstances speak to the heart of why MyChild and the assistance behind CerebralPalsy.org were created. Our founder discovered a dramatic absence of Cerebral Palsy help programs, as well as a unifying manner to navigate the wide assortment of offerings out there. While our assistance is fundamentally based in information and connecting families to programs that can help, we take pride in our work and pointing families to critical assistance from a wide assortment of organizations.

What sort of Cerebral Palsy help should you look for on the state level?

  • State-backed healthcare options
  • Non-profits dedicated to Cerebral Palsy in your state
  • Charitable organizations that collect and redistribute items, like adaptive equipment!
  • Tax assistance
  • Proper education, as required by the ADA and Constitution (State grants for educational efforts are something to look into also!)
  • Parking and transportation assistance
  • And more!

The care team at MyChild / CerebralPalsy.org speaks to parents in all 50 states almost daily on resources available at a local, federal and state level. Our assistance kits and guides point you to opportunities you may have never considered, as well as helping parents connect with emergency support initiatives for those who find themselves facing critical housing issues and more.

For more information on the Cerebral Palsy help we have to offer, contact us today! Call (800) 692-4453(800) 692-4453 FREE or fill out our simple contact form to be connected with a wealth of helpful information that is specifically focused to helping children with CP. One of the best parts of our organization is that the Cerebral Palsy help we offer doesn’t end today – we are dedicated to being a part of your child’s ongoing success and look forward to seeing how we can assist you and your family now and in the future!