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Three Easter Holiday Ideas for Kids with CP

Easter Holiday Ideas

Believe it or not, spring holidays are already right around the corner. In the season of fake grass, high-sugar treats and bunny rabbits, it’s natural to want to help your child however you can get into the holiday spirit! With dietary limitations and certain activities perhaps being too difficult or challenging due to symptoms related to your child’s CP, it may feel impossible to actively participate in some of the more time-honored traditions like decorating eggs or hunting for treats.

Fun-For-All Thanksgiving: Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving craft

Our final craft for your child with special needs is a fun slice of Pumpkin Pie. This craft can serve as an excellent table setter (write each person’s name on the brown crust so they know where to sit!), as well as serving as a fun opportunity for your child to get into the Thanksgiving spirit. Whether your child’s able to eat Pumpkin Pie or just wants to make the craft as a way to decorate your home, this can be a festive way to get the family involved.