Parent of Children with CP Should Explore Financial Help

Cerebral Palsy is a condition that does not know race, gender, wealth, geography, etc. It is a condition that afflicts far too many children across the world. Due to the limits many programs place on assistance for children with Cerebral Palsy, many parents seem to think their income level may prevent them from pursuing assistance of any sort. This is most definitely not the case.

Cerebral Palsy can impact children on a spectrum of levels, ranging from a slight limp all the way to full-time home care. However, the severity of the challenges facing your child with CP should not prevent you from fully exploring your options to improve their lives! Each child with CP is facing a life of conditions and challenges that the vast majority of children will not and, as a result, they deserve every opportunity to limit these barriers as best they can.

MyChild ( was founded to better help your child with Cerebral Palsy reach their full potential. Many parents worry that our focus ignores those (adults) who are older or do not qualify for programs. The truth, though, is that our focus is on children due to our ability to quickly deliver resources via email to parents while, at the same time, making an impact on kids with CP at a critical juncture in their lives.

Early intervention programs are critical for a child with Cerebral Palsy escaping some lifelong barriers. Therapy, both emotional and physical, as well as an assortment of different opportunities, including adaptive equipment, technology, IEPs, resources and more is all available to help. What’s more, many opportunities exist that, unlike Social Security benefits, are not contingent on the income level of the parents.

No one asks for their child to face a lifetime of Cerebral Palsy. This is why every parent, even those from middle to upper class families, should not hesitate to find out how we can help, despite any beliefs or incorrect messages they may have received that said CP assistance is only for those with lower incomes. There are, in fact, a number of effective programs available to help, ranging from federal, state, local, non-profit and condition-specific organizations aimed at one thing: helping children with Cerebral Palsy.

Do you have questions on how to help your child with Cerebral Palsy reach their full potential? Perhaps you simply want more information on CP, including how it happens, symptoms, lifelong challenges, education, IEPs and more? Contact us today. Call (800) 692-4453(800) 692-4453 FREE or fill out our contact form to speak with a care team member eager to understand your child’s specific diagnosis, as well as your child’s specific circumstances, to see how we can help.

Our organization is dedicated to helping every child with Cerebral Palsy, just like yours. Contact us today, regardless of income level, to find out how we can be a partner in your child’s success story.