Why Cerebral Palsy Awareness Matters

Cerebral Palsy is a condition that can be devastating for some and a lifetime of daily challenges for others. Sadly, there is very little public awareness regarding CP, including how it’s caused, what its symptoms may appear to be in children, or even what it may mean for the mental and physical abilities of people who live with it. In short, raising Cerebral Palsy awareness is about paving the way for the special needs community for years to come.

Cerebral Palsy awareness may be lacking in part due to the complexity of the condition itself. Many people are unaware that there are many causes of CP, while others may even believe it is a ‘contagious’ disease or condition.

One of the most impactful components of Cerebral Palsy awareness, though, is in how it can create bridges where gaps in understanding, sensitivity, funding and general public interest currently exist. Being better aware about what CP is and the challenges it presents necessarily removes apathy from the process; funding and continued developments in research and assistance occur when people better understand what is being discussed and its impact upon others. What’s more, many people may not know that the manifestations of this condition can be limited, if not improved, through early treatment, another reason that increased Cerebral Palsy awareness can make an important difference.

What are the best ways to build Cerebral Palsy awareness? First: information. Our website contains an incredible volume of important information that can quickly be shared, linked to, posted, etc., to help people in your life understand just what Cerebral Palsy truly is. Our website includes such valuable assets as Disability Etiquette, which examines what language or words are “no-go” and more. Our Facebook Page also includes a wealth of stories, family sharing, assistance opportunities and more.

Second: be an advocate. We’ve used this blog as a platform for encouraging advocacy around Cerebral Palsy because we truly it can be a difference maker. Beyond the obviously needed effort to help those with CP, there is significant value in helping others to simply understand Cerebral Palsy and how it impacts lives, every day.

Last: get connected. If you’re a parent of a child with CP, or an individual living with Cerebral Palsy, let your voice be heard and keep in touch with others. We will be re-launching our forum as a medium for discussion, but we also encourage input on our Facebook Page. We also can connect people with support groups in their area, as well as organizations dedicated to helping in a variety of amazing ways. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you spread Cerebral Palsy awareness in your area, while also helping you and/or a loved one.

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day (also known as World Cerebral Palsy Day) should only be the start of helping the public understand this important condition, while emphasizing how much help is needed for those with CP. Give us a call, any time, at (800) 692-4453(800) 692-4453 FREE and a team member will quickly demonstrate how we can help! If you need to be contacted at a specific time or day due to your demanding life,we also provide the opportunity to call you at your convenience through our contact form.

We look forward to seeing how we can help you and your family spread Cerebral Palsy awareness throughout the country and the world!