Cerebral Palsy Swimming Products

Cerebral Palsy Swimming Products

Nothing is better than cooling off in a pool or lake on a hot summer day. Children with special needs should be able to enjoy this summer tradition too. Some children may not be able to stay above water or stay in an upward position. Luckily, there are many aids that can help children with special needs stay afloat and swim. We found 8 swimming aids that may be able to help your child enjoy cooling off on a hot day.

Note: We have not tested, nor have we been compensated in any way for posting about, any of these products. We encourage speaking to a medical professional, as well as closely monitoring your child's use of any of these products to ensure safety and health concerns are met.

Cerebral Palsy Swimming Products

1. Cerebral Palsy Square Float

This float has an adjustable seat attached to a square pillow float. It is meant for children who have good neck and upper trunk control and it allows your child to float or kick. It can help children who may have weak legs.

2. Aquatic Head Float

The aquatic head float may be able to help your child keep their head above the water. It also stops your child from tipping backwards or sideways. The Aquatic Head Float allows free range of movement so the child is able to swim or do therapy exercises.

3. Sectional Raft

This raft may be a great fit for children who can’t swim, but wants to be in the water. It may make a child more comfortable being in water while providing support to the body. It comes with shoulder straps to help keep the child on the raft.

4. Aqua Ring Floats

The aqua ring float is a white ring with multiple floats on it that goes around the body. The child can hold onto the ring and walk in the water. It is meant for children (or adults) who can support themselves in an upright position, but needs assistance walking in water.

5. Adapted Life Jacket

Life Jacket-Adapted Inc. offers a number of life jackets that may work for your child. You can check them out by clicking the link above. The jackets are designed for different needs and focus on safety around potential unique needs a child may have.

6. Sprint Aquatics Water Walking Assistant

This walking assistance goes around the body and has floats. It has two bars on each side so the child can hold on. It is meant to help improve balance and allow the child to to walk. It may even help your child gain strength in their legs.

7. Dolphin Float System by Danmar

This jacket has floats on the chest and the side to help a child with uneven weight distribution. It can even help with lateral rotation. The child should have head and trunk control to use this float system.

8. Swim Diapers

While this is not a flotation device, it is still important for children who don’t have bladder or bowel control. This website has a variety of swim diapers from infant to adult. It may be a perfect option for your child so you don’t have to stress about taking them to the bathroom so often.

Swimming or floating in the pool (or lake) is a great way to enjoy summer and escape from the heat. All children should be able to participate in this and that is why finding a swimming aid is so important. From life jackets to floats to walking assistants, there should be an option that works for your child. We hope one of these 8 aids work for your child or inspire you to keep on searching for the right one. If you have or use any swimming aids that aren’t listed above, please submit them through a comment.

If you have any questions about Cerebral Palsy or swimming aids, reach out to us at (800) 692-4453 or fill out our contact form on Facebook or our website. We would love to help!