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Most of the information on the MyChild website is of general interest and provides some familiarity with a specific topic of interest. However, the MyChild Call Center has a vast database of information, resources, contact lists, support networks and inspiration within each state and topic area.

MyChild call center representatives are available to provide assistance in finding particular resources, not easily found on the web, or within the community. The more our call center representatives know about your current needs, the more we will are able to provide resources tailored specifically to you.

  • Care and Comfort
  • Communication
  • Daily Living
  • Eating and Food Preparation
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Financial Planning
  • Home
  • Hygiene
  • Independence and Self-Care
  • Inspiration
  • Language and Speech
  • Learning
  • Leisure
  • Mobility, Orthotics and Prothesis
  • Play
  • Reading
  • Recreation and Sports
  • Rehabilitation
  • Relaxation
  • Safety and Security
  • School and Education
  • Socialization
  • Travel
  • Transportation
  • Universal Design
  • Workplace


Call a MyChild call center representative at (800) 692-4453 today for more information.


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