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When a visitor comes to our website, they are typically touched by Cerebral Palsy. Or, they have a family member, friend, co-worker, or acquaintance with a disability. Our site is also used by people who have Cerebral Palsy. One aspect they have in common is that they’re on a mission to ask questions, and get answers in life-enhancing pursuits.

There are many ways people can use our site. Visitors may browse our site to look up information by topic. Or, they may visit our Journey section, which takes visitors on a trip from pre-diagnosis, to adulthood and isolates information, resourceful kits and inspirational stories that are suited for that aspect of life’s journey.

A popular part of our website is our blog, forums, and social media pages, which allow users to ask questions, seek information, and make new connections with others facing similar challenges. Our site is not merely a collection of information – it’s a building block where a larger community connects.

Journey with us

We’re about to embark on an incredible journey. It’s one that upon first consideration is fraught with questions and, at times, seems short on answers. The journey might also be peppered with unknowns.

But the road less traveled also has its rewards. The act of choosing paths – or navigating the one that’s been determined by unforeseen events – can be one that requires options, and resources.

At MyChild™, we’re committed to being a guidepost along the journey; we provide information about Cerebral Palsy, connect individuals with helpful resources, as well as offer unlimited support at every life stage that lies ahead, from child to senior living.

As fellow travelers, our aim is to offer information about the challenges of Cerebral Palsy while at the same time shedding light on all of the achievements – and opportunities – people with Cerebral Palsy have created.

It’s not the journey you expected, that’s a given. But, at times we find it pretty amazing, nonetheless.

Stages of the journey with Cerebral Palsy

Come, journey with us!

Become informed

The most vital tool in the toolbox, when it comes to rearing a child with Cerebral Palsy, is not the one that is tangible – it’s information.

Information arms us with the ability to make clear, informed decisions about all aspects of a child’s life, including a child’s health, education, treatments, well-being, and more. Without a wealth of information, it’s hard to ensure a child receives all the services he or she needs and is entitled to.

From choosing healthcare services to applying for government benefits, the following pages will help parents evaluate programs of assistance.

MyChild™ provides topics from A to Z, available when you are ready. The more information that a parent has, the more informed are their decisions, and the better outcome for their child.

Ways to obtain information

Become informed!

Use our services

At MyChild™, our aim is to help individuals with Cerebral Palsy reach their full potential. With the right set of services and supports, persons with Cerebral Palsy can lead full, productive lives. Reaching that goal, however, is an ongoing process that begins early.

Our services are designed to help families streamline that process. The services we provide include a call center staffed by caring, knowledgeable representatives; we’ve also made informational kits designed to connect parents to valuable resources. And, our comprehensive website and social media provide a source of connectedness, and inspiration.

MyChild™ can only provide these pluses if you use our services. If you have any questions or concerns, we hope you give us a call.

Access our services, anytime!

Use our services!

Get inspired

When you’re juggling endless medical appointments, transporting children to events and activities, managing a household and going to work, it can be tough to be inspired. The fact that all of these moving parts are working together, though, should provide enough inspiration to last a lifetime.

Every day, a person with Cerebral Palsy achieves something wonderful, a benchmark that someone in his or her life thought unattainable. The stories MyChild™ has collected profile children and adults that are embracing a life with obstacles and accolades, they’ve overcome and achieved. And, they inspire.

We invite you to explore the many stories when, and if, you should need a dose of inspiration.

Stories of inspiration and accomplishment

Get inspired!

Stay connected

Commiserating with others – whether they are families or friends – may seem like a luxury. Maintaining a sense of connectedness with the people in our lives, or others with shared circumstance is vital.

Today, there are many ways to stay connected. Technology has made it possible to connect with people far and near. Today, there are many ways to stay connected.

MyChild™’s Cerebral Palsy industry blogs, forums and social media entities make it possible for individuals touched by Cerebral Palsy to share their experiences, follow updates and gain perspectives. Remember, you’re not alone.

Most importantly, these tools have the power to keep people focused on their own needs. Take a look at our blog, Facebook page, and online forum. And always remember, you’re not alone, there are many families that are more than happy to share their learnings and their experience.

Ways to connect

Stay connected, come join!

Call our call center

A reassuring voice on the other end of a phone line is often enough to let us know someone cares, but the MyChild™ call center, in reality, is so much more.

The scope of services provided by call center representatives includes answering questions about an array of issues from social services to legal rights. A reassuring voice on the other end of a phone line is often enough to let us know someone cares.

At the MyChild™ call center, representatives answer questions about an array of topics from community support and funding to treatment and therapies. Additionally, we recommend kits that provide information about resources that can make a positive impact on a person with Cerebral Palsy.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to us, we’re here to help. We’re available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., EST, Monday through Friday.

Call today!

Simply dial our toll-free number at (800) 692-4453.

About MyChild™

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About MyChild™

As a comprehensive resource for everything related to Cerebral Palsy, MyChild™ provides information, tips, resources, encouragement and inspiration to individuals touched by Cerebral Palsy.

Most parents today are so busy with medical appointments, family obligations, and work that it can be difficult, if not impossible, to spend hours looking for resources. MyChild™’s comprehensive website is designed as a one-stop destination for information about treatments, resources and inspiration. The information is on one website for easy, time-sensitive access day or night. And, if you still have questions, our call center representatives are available to assist. To learn more,