Free Guide: Summer with Cerebral Palsy

After the amazing response our posts on travel tips, camp for children with CP, warm weather resources, wheelchair-friendly special needs vacations and June activities received, we thought it would be a great help to the community to put together a resource guide about summer with Cerebral Palsy. And we have!

Within our free guide to a fun summer with Cerebral Palsy, we have amassed a number of helpful links and awesome contributions into one easy to digest PDF. Included within are:

  • Tips and information on summer learning programs, including free templates and lesson plans for you to use, regardless of your child’s education level or ability. Also included are resources aimed at the IEP and Special Education process, an important item to tackle heading into the next school year. We think summer with Cerebral Palsy can include fun AND learning; the items we include can get you on the path for both without buying expensive books or plans!
  • Examples of summer camps and opportunities available for children with special needs, including Cerebral Palsy. You may think your child is not capable of going away or finding a fun setting to enjoy but there are some fantastic resources available to prove you wrong!
  • Crafts aimed at sensory play, boredom alleviation and easy clean-up! Every parent knows that the warmer weather can cause a bit of a stir-craziness in kids, special needs or not – we aimed at providing you some awesome ideas (hundreds in fact) for kicking out the boredom without breaking the bank!
  • Travel information focused on connecting you with the people you need to talk to for booking a vacation, ensuring an airline or other form of travel has the information needed about your child, planning around your child’s unique needs and ensuring the entire family is able to have a good time. Also included are ideas for a staycation and how to change things up if you are just sticking around the neighborhood this year! Did you know Amtrak provides special rates to the special needs community, as well as a companion? We didn’t until we put this together!
  • Getting organized while also encouraging your family to tackle new goals like healthy eating, new hobbies and more.
  • Special information for parents on starting their own blog or engaging via social media to connect with other parents going through similar life paths!
  • And more!

As you have frequently heard from us, this is only a small fraction of how we can help you and your families achieve great things. A summer with Cerebral Palsy can feature a lot of excitement, inspiration and joy. We hope that connecting you with some fantastic resources, bloggers, experts in various fields and more will all help your family enjoy this very special time of the year.

To download our guide, click here or call us at (800) 692-4453(800) 692-4453 FREE!