Spring Cleaning and CP: Donations, Saving Items and More!

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Spring Cleaning and CP: Donations, Saving Items and More!
Spring is here and it is the perfect time to get your house in tip-top shape! A good spring cleaning is not only splendid in the sense that you will have a tidy home but it also has many other beneficial factors. Being more organized can reduce stress on you and your family. Donating items can help someone out in need while breaking a sweat as well. Cleaning is great physical exercise and helps release endorphins in your brains that increases happiness. Listed below are four useful spring cleaning tips to help you and your family.

Nothing feels better than a clean house. Before you start working set a plan of action! How are you going to tackle the mess? You could split the task by a couple of days or take it all on in one day. Do you have any helpers and what will their roles be? After you have a plan, double check to make sure you have all of your cleaning supplies that you need. Simplify the chore by using one of these handy resources.

Spring-Cleaning That Won’t Take Over Your Life: 8 Hours, Start to Finish

Spring Cleaning Checklist

One of the benefits of spring cleaning is by being of service to others by donating extra items. Go through each room of your house to find items that you no longer use but that are still in good condition. If you are having a hard time deciding if you should let an item go, ask yourself these two questions. Has someone worn or used the article in the past six months? If you were shopping right now, would you purchase the item? Place the items in boxes and call up your local goodwill, salvation army, women’s shelter or veteran’s hospital.

Saving Items
While you are cleaning up your house, you might stumble on things you will want to keep. Some of these items may include pictures that your children have made or homework assignments. You don’t have to toss them all away, save the ones you want to keep in a well-organized manner with our useful ideas.Grab the items you want to keep and slide them into some clear sheet protectors. After you have all your items protected, snap them into a binder and label it. This is a great way to keep your home orderly and you can easily have a binder for each child. Also, you don’t have to worry about their precious artworks getting smooshed. Another way to keep their things such as cards, academic awards and report cards is by filling them away in a plastic storage box. This can be used more as an organizational system rather than a portfolio. Purchase a small plastic storage box at your local office supply store along with some hanging folders. You can label the folders for each section of items you want to include. This could be done by grade, month or activity.  This box is also a fantastic idea to put your child’s important papers like their copy of their IEP plan and medical records.

Updating Important Health Info
Spring cleaning is the perfect time to update all your child’s key health care information. It is also a great time to update your child’s IEP plan. Is there a new medication that your child is taking that isn’t included or a different class accommodation? Go through all their important documents to make sure everything has the most recent data included. After you go through and make modifications to all the items, create copies to share them with other caregivers or teachers who need to be aware of the changes.

Spring cleaning is a great way to freshen up your home and your life. It can your family get some much needed exercise, declutter and make your home prettier for the next time you have visitors. Make sure you are prepared before getting started with our helpful tips.

If you child has been recently diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy or you would like more resources on organizing. Contact our care team today (800)-692-4453 to speak with a representative.