Cerebral Palsy Help for Families Needing Information

The MyChild team was founded on the basis of helping families of children with Cerebral Palsy easily navigate the wide assortment of information and resources available. By ensuring the key components of Cerebral Palsy help were in one place, carefully constructed and available free of charge, our hope is that we remove the pain of tracking down phone numbers or URLs and let families focus more on their children.

Our organization offers several different forms of Cerebral Palsy help, each different and yet helpful to families across the United States. One of our forms of Cerebral Palsy help comes in the form of an active Facebook community that is closely monitored to help answer questions and point families in the right direction. Our Facebook Page is aimed at making it simple and easy for parents to ask questions, access information, read news/developments in the world of CP and more. We take pride in our Facebook Page, not just for the 50,000+ Fans, but because of the closeness that exists amongst the members.

Another asset of Cerebral Palsy help that we offer is our website itself. CerebralPalsy.org is extremely deep in terms of layers of information and avenues of helpful resources. Recently re-launched and tied to a variety of other resources, our website provides accurate and readily-accessible information.

Providing over 40 hours of live call assistance and support isn’t widely available, no matter the industry, but it’s a key component of the Cerebral Palsy help we offer. Our team members are not only well-attuned to the needs of families of children with CP, but also equipped with a wide number of kits and informational packets on a variety of topics that matter most to parents. With a simple call or form completion, parents across the U.S. can find out more about options and opportunities available to them.

If you have wasted hours surfing the internet for options and resources involving Cerebral Palsy help, or if you’ve been frustrated with the lack of information and support that’s available, you can rest assured that the team at CerebralPalsy.org is more than capable of fielding your questions, providing answers or, at the very minimum, pointing you in the right direction. For more information, we encourage you to call us today or contact us at your convenience. We’re ready to help you and your child today!

MyChild team members are available Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST. Call (800) 692-4453 to receive crucial Cerebral Palsy help, available free of charge!