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March 28, 2016

A hot topic in any parenting circle is the idea of monitoring a child's Internet activity, assuming of course that your child is able to interact with a computer and the internet. While some parents worry that it infringes upon their child's privacy, others feel it is an important effort to protect their child. There's really no wrong answer because it is an issue that depends heavily upon a parent’s opinion and perspective. However, there are certain areas relating to Internet usage in which the parents of children with special needs can find value in being aware of...

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March 25, 2016

There are so many ideas out there that encourage inspiring your child to achieve success. Whether a child has special needs or not, outlining goals can be an effective way to build self-esteem while reinforcing good behaviors. Making these goals tangible is a topic we’ve discussed before, but we would like to now go one step further in terms of how to highlight the progress that’s been achieved by  making a goal board!

First, the idea of creating a board that...

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March 22, 2016

Sports represent an important opportunity for any young child due to the valuable lessons of sportsmanship, teamwork, rules and structure that can be provided. Many parents envision their child enjoying the same sports they enjoyed, both as a way to connect and in hopes that a shared joy would emerge. This, unfortunately, is not an option for many children with Cerebral Palsy due to the complications associated with the condition. The good news, though, is that advances in adaptive equipment have made a number of sports more accessible for children with CP. One such...

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March 21, 2016

As many parents have discovered, while their child’s mobility may be limited, their imagination and thoughts can be limitless. While Cerebral Palsy is often based upon a brain injury that took place some time during pregnancy, birth or after delivery, it does not impact every child the same. Just as some children may face limb stiffness, a limb, speech issues, etc., others may have little, if any physical limitations, as opposed to those that may require constant, in-home care. Because CP is a “catch-all” diagnosis for a...

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March 17, 2016

Believe it or not, spring holidays are already right around the corner. In the season of fake grass, high-sugar treats and bunny rabbits, it’s natural to want to help your child however you can get into the holiday spirit! With dietary limitations and certain activities perhaps being too difficult or challenging due to symptoms related to your child’s CP, it may feel impossible to actively participate in some of the more time-honored traditions like decorating eggs or hunting for treats. We have some ideas, though, to help you bridge the gap between your child’s special...

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March 16, 2016

The companionship provided by a pet can be exceptional. Whether due to the happiness hugging a dog can provide or the stoic companionship of a cat, the family pet can be a critical part of your home. The love of a pet may seem to be a perfect solution for feelings of isolation or frustration for child and family alike. There are a number of things to consider, though, when deciding if a pet is a good option for your family in light of your child’s Cerebral Palsy. While there is no definitive answer we could provide in every instance, here are some of the potential...

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March 14, 2016

Whether you are leaving your child with someone at home or at a daycare, they need to be informed about your child’s everyday life. Even if it is a relative, they don’t know your child as well as you do and they may not know how to properly handle or avoid situations. Most parents leave emergency contacts, but a child with special needs require specific information. This is where writing a letter to your child caregivers can come in handy. They will understand your child better and know how to care for your child better. It will also bring a peace of mind to you as a...

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March 11, 2016

A lot of attention has recently been paid to the idea of body image in today’s young people and the goal of raising children who feel comfortable with their appearance. Barbie toys, manufactured by Mattel, have consistently come under fire for the message these dolls could be sending to children about beauty and social expectations. Similarly, the creation of dolls from diverse ethnicities and body types has made a lot of headway in terms of having toys that more accurately represent young girls and women in society, with little to no negative repercussions. Given how...

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March 09, 2016

Parenting is often highlighted as one of the hardest jobs anyone can take on. Parents of children with special needs, including Cerebral Palsy, have a very wide range of issues to tackle on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Even while doing your best with a child at home, parents must also consider school challenges, ongoing therapy efforts, IEPs, plans for the future and more! While a parent can be alone in this process at first, it’s also important to consider including your child as a partner in the years to come. With a check-in with your child, even at an...

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March 08, 2016

More and more parents are realizing the benefits of sensory for their children. Sensory play can enhance early child development and that can be extremely important for special needs children. Anything that can help a child develop is worth a try. There are activities and toys that can increase sensory throughout the day. We put together a list of projects and toys that may work for your child and add a little more sensory play to the day.

Children love playing and they spend some much time...

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