7 Apps for Special Needs Children

apps for special needs

Technology is becoming increasingly more embedded in children’s lives. The wonderful thing is technology can be used as education or communicative aids. A lot of apps for special needs children are cheaper than tutoring and can provide a fun alternative way of learning versus workbooks. Plus, apps can even target social and emotional learning as well. For children with special needs, apps can be huge learning devices that will touch on whatever skills they need to develop. Although there are millions of apps to choose from, this can also be a big problem for finding the perfect ones. No one has time to sit through and read descriptions and reviews of every app out there. We especially know parents don’t have time to waste so we put together a list of several apps for special needs children that your child might be able to learn from in hopes to save you time and energy.


For $5.99, this first app will help children learn how to handle social situations. The child will go through different situations and have to decide on how to handle it. Children will learn how to identify emotions, take turns, greet others, and manager any anger provoking situations. This one of a number of great apps for special needs children that need to learn or improve their social skills.

Language Builder

Language builder was originally designed for children with Autism, but can be used for any child that has a speech delay or special needs. The app consists of flash cards ranging from food to musical instruments. It cost $119.99, but you won’t have to worry about losing flashcards and you can even upload your own pictures for the cards. This app can be used with a therapist/teacher and/or parents. Language builder might be the better alternative to hard copy flash cards and could work better for your child.

TouchMath Adventures: Jungle Addition

This app has a free (limited) version! With TouchMath Adventures, your child can touch and count patterns. The app guides the child through simple addition problems and brings a visual aspect to adding. It shows how long the child takes to get through a set of problems and the user can even customize the problems. Being able to customize will start the child out slowly and introduce smaller addition problems instead of overwhelming the child with too hard of a problem right off the back. There is no risk since this app comes with a limited free version and if your child loves it, you can buy the full version.

Talk for Me

Talk for Me is an app that will help children communicate. It cost $99.99 and could be a good Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app for your child. The child can choose or take pictures and associate text to it, which the device will read out loud if chosen. It can then be stored in categories your child can create for easy access later. Talk for Me could be worth the try and might just work out best as one of the apps for special needs children that best matches up with your child.

Alex Learns to Sort

For only $1.99, this app will teach your child how to sort various items. There are many different categories for sorting. For example, the child will have to learn and decide what clothes are appropriate for each season. There is even one category where activities have to be matched with the appropriate place so your child can learn what is okay to do when. Other categories include food and professions. This app is cheap and will be a good tool to teach your child many different things that are related to the real world.

Alex Learns How to Dress

Alex learns how to dress is a free app that will teach your child how to get dressed. It has different weather situations where your child will have to pick out appropriate clothing for the character. The child will also have to put the clothes on the character in the right order. A parent may need to help and show the child the first time, but then let the child complete it so they learn on their own also. Since it is free, it is a good app to teach your child the right order of getting dressed and what clothing is good for what weather.


For $6.99, this app will help with a number of things. One thing it does is help create schedules. An adult can put activities (with pictures) in the order they will be accomplished so the child knows what to expect throughout the day. After an activity is accomplished, it checks it off and puts it in an “all done” column. Next, it has a section where a timer and a future activity will be shown. The child will see how long they have to wait until they can do something. It also gives the option of what the child may do while they wait. Also, it has a section where a child can pick out an emotion they are feeling and then find a coping strategy the child can try. This app will help with a range of things and may be perfect for your child.

Apps are more useful than before and include more than games. There are many learning opportunities that can evolve from apps and there are apps designed specifically for the special needs community. Ranging from communicating to schedules, there are apps out there to satisfy any possible need. Finding the right one for your child can be overwhelming and time consuming and we know parents time is valuable. We hope at least one of these apps can work for you child and help your search for good quality apps. If you know of any great apps for special needs children, feel free to submit them through a comment.

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