Go Baby Go! retrofits toy racecars for toddlers who yearn to be mobile amongst their peers

Go Baby Go! It was a chance trip to Toys R Us where Cole Galloway had an epiphany that refocused his attention from babies driving robotic cars to babies driving racecars, he dubs his new project Go Baby Go! Galloway is a physical therapy professor who is on a mission to provide children with cognitive and physical disabilities with greater mobility during their early childhood development. He was disenfranchised by his earlier efforts to create a child-operated robotic solution that could close the exploration gap between children with impairment and those without. Until, of course, his epiphany.

At first attempt, Galloway and Sunil Agrawal, a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Delaware, developed robotic devices that allowed children to play alongside others with greater confidence and independence. However, the cost was in the tens of thousands and their device weighed 150 lbs, rendering their invention as unmarketable.

Unmarketable, that is, until Galloway’s Toys R Us epiphany. After visiting Toys R Us, the entrepreneurs shifted their focus to a more affordable $200 alternative. By retrofitting off-the-shelf toy racecars, children under the age of 5 who are in their early years of development are empowered to be a part of the action at home, on the playground and at daycare by igniting active, engaged play with others.

To date, Go Baby Go! has built 100 cars and open share their how-to manuals and videos so parents can build their own.

“If you’re not going to drop what you’re doing and come work for us, at least contact us – we’ll send you everything we have,” Galloway encourages parents.

For Go Baby Go! contact information contact:

Go Baby Go!
University of Delaware
540 S. College Avenue
Newark, DE 19713

For more information, visit The Go Baby Go! website and Go Baby Go! FAQs.

To watch The NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams video report on Go Baby Go!, visit, “Honk! Honk! Disabled Kids Get Custom Cars With a Purpose.”

To watch one of three videos on how to retrofit a toy racecar, visit Go Baby Go!’s YouTube Channel.

To watch children enjoying their retrofitted racecars, visit Go Baby Go! Poland’s YouTube Channel.

To bring a Go Baby Go! Workshop to your town, visit To watch children enjoying their retrofitted racecars, visit The Go Baby Go Workshop Information Packet.

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