Sand and Cerebral Palsy


With a headline like that, it’s hard to create an introduction that doesn’t simply get to the facts! In the spirit of warmer weather, we have sand on our mind! Given the fact that families across the country will be flocking to the beach, here are a few suggestions surrounding sand to help your child with Cerebral Palsy.

First, sand art. Something your child may have already come across while in school or in therapy, sand art is a simple yet effective way to get your child in touch with their creative side. There are two major forms we would recommend: sand art bottles and designs using a tray of sand. With sand art bottles, your child can either directly layer the sand within the specific vessel or can direct someone else as they design their own piece of artwork. With a tray of sand, designs can be made and unmade just as quickly. With both of these ideas, sand is largely inexpensive and allows for unique, exceptional projects.

Whether at the beach, in the sandbox, at home or on vacation, sand has a very real value as a medium for therapy. As part of play therapy or texture therapy (just add water!), sand is a fun and affordable material to use when it comes to branching out your child’s options. Ranging from running your child’s toes and feet in the sand or actually molding the sand into different designs and structures, there are a lot of options available. You may end up with a bit of sand in your house after it’s done but the very real benefits to your child’s ongoing therapy, as well as his or her avenues to play, is worth the hassle!

Finally, when you hear sand you may be thinking vacation. Being able to show your child the ocean or feel lake waves lapping to shore can be an incredible experience. Unfortunately, the severe lack of accessible options when it comes to beaches nationwide may have kept you from doing so. Fortunately, the MyChild Care Team has a wide assortment of resources to offer. You can request our Summer with CP eBook (or our Travel eBook) for ideas on finding a beach this summer, as well as review our various blog posts on the topic. For a list of wheelchair accessible beaches, you can also click here, here, here or here.

These ideas are just some of the ways you can engage your child this summer in a beneficial way. As mentioned above, we have several eBooks available that can provide you and your family some fun in the months to come. Call us at (800) 692-4453 or fill out our online form to speak with a MyChild Care Team member about your child’s needs, receive any of the items above, as well as a number of other great free resources we have to offer.