5 Great Cerebral Palsy Facebook Pages

When it comes to Cerebral Palsy, there is a lot of information and resources available for families. However, the problem lies in knowing which sites are worth exploring and which are not. The depth of the Internet makes a lot of content available, but also makes finding quality websites, or even effective Cerebral Palsy Facebook Pages, difficult.

If you haven’t already visited the CerebralPalsy.org Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/CerebralPalsyorg), we provide multiple updates every day to inspire and inform families as they raise their children with CP. While we try to share every piece of news or value that we can, there are many other quality Cerebral Palsy Facebook Pages to Like and dig into.

Without further ado, here are five great Cerebral Palsy Facebook Pages for parents looking to expand their Timeline:

  • Love That Max is a Page dedicated to exploring parenting a child with Cerebral Palsy. The Page is a compliment to the blog with the same name and is a great, family-based exploration of the daily struggles and successes that come with raising a child with CP.
  • Understood is a Facebook Page aimed at advocates and parents of children with special needs. The most valuable content often involves tips and practices to adopt in order to enable your child to succeed,, with family, school and more. They also provide comprehensive overviews of conditions and diagnoses that help immensely.
  • Disability Scoop is a Page that collects news pieces from across the world that are of interest to parents of children with disabilities. In their words, the content is intended as a “premier source for developmental disability news, with daily coverage of autism, intellectual disability, Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome and more.” While topics can range outside of CP, information regarding IEPs, research, support products and more can be extremely valuable.
  • Disability.gov is a Facebook Page tied to the website of the same name and it’s great for staying on top of changing laws, as well as obtaining clarity on policies that impact your family and child.
  • Finally, but not least, is UNlimiters. Describing themselves as an online marketplace for people with physical disabilities, UNlimiters also frequently shares topics of interest relating to discrimination, motivational thoughts and more.

While they vary in purpose, each of these Pages has value to families of children with Cerebral Palsy. Whether motivational quotes, breaking news on legislation or research, stories of inspiration or personal narratives, each of the items gained from these Facebook Pages can provide a spark for our families.

Did we miss your favorite Cerebral Palsy Facebook Page? Let us know!