Websites with Great Cerebral Palsy Information

Cerebral Palsy Information

The most valuable offering provides the CP community is the significant free resources and live help the MyChild Care Team offers. Beyond that, though, we like to believe our extensive site content has prominent value. We don’t blame anyone who isn’t able to cut through Google’s clutter and find great Cerebral Palsy information to help your family. Whether through our pages or blog, we touch on a wide range of help and valuable material around Cerebral Palsy. However, we also want to put the great collection of Cerebral Palsy information at your fingerprints and have created a list of websites that can help you better understand the condition and more.

Cerebral Palsy Information Sites – We know you’re already here but we want to be sure to highlight what this site has to offer. Beyond our blog, we have simple explanations behind causes, symptoms, therapies, sources of inspiration, free resources and more! Have questions on how we can help with free resources aimed at helping your child with Cerebral Palsy? Call us at (800) 692-4453 or contact us through our online form today!

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) – Providing the baseline of information necessary to understand the brain and nervous system, NINDS features a baseline on the scientific information behind conditions, including Cerebral Palsy. This site represents a clear explanation of the government’s approach and understanding of CP and can be a clear authority for citations and more.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – First and foremost, Cerebral Palsy is NOT a disease. However, it can be caused by an infection or harmful exposure. This also serves as a more specific, clinical definition to base any important explanations you may need to make or provide. Sites based upon a governmental approach to the condition have specific value due to understanding what state and federal benefits are focused on.

United Cerebral Palsy – A strong predecessor to MyChild and critical modern resource organization, United Cerebral Palsy is a tremendous partner in the lives of families looking to understand CP and receive help in their area. With additional sites focused on helping adults and children alike succeed, we recommend every parent reach out to UCP to find out how to navigate their child’s diagnosis.

KidsHealth from Nemours – Beyond providing a conversational explanation about Cerebral Palsy as a condition for Parents, the site has versions intended for Teens and Kids as well. The site also features sections dedicated to doctors and hospitals, recipes, first aid, emotions, nutrition and more.

WebMD: Cerebral Palsy – Everyone’s favorite site to check out everyday symptoms, WebMD has a solid, encompassing overview on CP that includes statistics, video, overviews on causes of the condition and more. They have a News Archive as well.

Love That Max – A fantastic, organic resource that shares the daily experiences and ruminations of a mother to a child with Cerebral Palsy. The language Ellen uses is exceptional and relatable, making it an effective way for parents to feel connected to a parent who is going through the same life experience(s).

Parent Center Hub – A site dedicated to breaking down complexities associated with Cerebral Palsy for parents, advocates and education professionals. There are excellent explanations of CP as a condition, as well as additional resources, overviews of school options and more.

March of Dimes – This organization has done a great job of condensing a lot of wonderful Cerebral Palsy information into an easy to read format. Including signs and symptoms of CP, as well as missed milestones, it is an outstanding asset to share with family and friends who are looking to better understand. The site also dives into the complex arena of Cerebral Palsy causes, helping explain the preventable and non-preventable circumstances that can arise during a pregnancy, delivery or after birth.

Fat Brain Toys – This online retailer is light on Cerebral Palsy information but great for showing or teaching friends, relatives and advocates what types of toys your child can use or enjoy. You can not only purchase items from Fat Brain Toys, you can also better understand the role sensory play, coordination, easy-grip and more can have in your child’s fun time.

The CP Lawyer – Unfortunately, there can and will be times where you may need to speak with a legal professional regarding your child’s rights and options. We try to stay away from this topic, but we have discussed some examples here where quality Cerebral Palsy information can include legal assistance. An extensive overview of legal topics associated with Cerebral Palsy, including medical error.

We want to hear from you! What websites do you think offer great Cerebral Palsy information that would benefit other parents of children with CP? Have you found inspiration, motivation, helpful resources, etc, amidst all of the chaos? Let us know on the forum or give us a call at (800) 692-4453 for additional Cerebral Palsy information, including free resources and program information for children with CP!