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Has Texas Kept Children with Special Needs Out of Special Education Classes?

A recent report by the Houston Chronicle indicates tens of thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands, of children with special needs in Texas may have been kept out of special education due to caps put in place. This is an extremely troubling report for any advocate or parent of a child with CP, much less those living in Texas.

A Cerebral Palsy Lawyer: Why Would a Family Need One?

Cerebral Palsy Lawyer

After years of work in birth injury, the founder of this site realized there were far too few resources available to children with Cerebral Palsy that did not qualify for legal assistance. There are a wide variety of causes of CP, but there’s also an extensive variety of life events that can warrant a Cerebral Palsy lawyer. All of our assistance is free, but the value of a legal professional to help your child’s situation is important and why we delve into this topic.