Adding Sensory Play and Stimulation to the Day

Sensory play

More and more parents are realizing the benefits of sensory for their children. Sensory play can enhance early child development and that can be extremely important for special needs children. Anything that can help a child develop is worth a try. There are activities and toys that can increase sensory throughout the day. We put together a list of projects and toys that may work for your child and add a little more sensory play to the day.

Children love playing and they spend some much time doing this. A lot of toys can actually help development and picking out a few sensory toys can help with this as well. From balls to stuff animals, the possibilities of sensory play toys are endless. Here are four toys that may work for your child and bring more sensory play into their fun time:

1. Inside-Out Ball. This ball starts off as a soft, round ball, but when turned inside out, it has soft spikes. It comes in a variety of colors and is only $2.89. Children will have fun turning the ball back and forth to experience different textures. This can also develop fine motor skills.

2. Caterpillar Squeeze Sensory. A great buy for $6.95. The caterpillar lights up and is made of rubber. It is covered in soft spikes and can be stretched and squeezed.

3. Vibrating Bee. This cute little bumble bee has 3 different textures/fabrics for your child to explore. When your child pulls on the string, the bee will vibrate. This toy is priced at $29.99 and is approved for children 3 years of age and older.

4. Bright Starts Sensor Plush Pals.  Bright Starts have a lot of options for sensory play toys. This toy is a sensory zebra advertised for $11.99. It has may different colors and items to enhance sensory play. Mirrors, teething objects, and rattlers hang off the feet of the zebra to add more sensory options.

Projects are also possibilities to add sensory play to your child’s day. Your child may even be able to help with certain projects or just enjoy the final product. These are low costing and contain items that are currently around your house. Here are four sensory projects that might work for your family:

1. Stress Ball. This project includes balloons, flour, oil, sand, beans, and a funnel. Your child may be able to help mix all the materials and pour it into the funnel. The homemade stress ball can provide relief to children who are fidgety and needs to be doing something with their hands. They can squeeze the balloon and feel all the different materials within it.

2. Sensory Bottles. There are many ways you can create sensory bottles. This one creates the bottles for more of a calming effect. It contains water, fine glitter, glitter glue, and clear gel tacky glue. Shake it up to get the perfect calming effect. Children will love using this in cars, school, or waiting for the next activity throughout the day.

3. Sensory Bags. Sensory bags can be altered for any holiday or your child’s favorite things. It just takes a zip lock bag, hair gel, duct tape, and small toys, beads, or buttons. The possibilities are endless. Make sure you duct tape all the edges of the bag so there’s less chance of gel oozing out of the bag. Let your child squish the bag and feel all of the things from the outside of the bag. You can even tape it to a window at your child’s height.

4. Sensory Bins. This site contains 15 ideas you can use for sensory bins. This is another craft where possibilities are endless. You can fill them with water, sand, snow, rice, noodles, etc. You can then add toys! Cars, boats, etc. You can even add leaves or whatever else your child will be interested in. The different textures, smells, and colors will really give your child a sensory experience.

There are any options and different ways you can add sensory play to your child’s day. Sensory play can help your child develop “cognitively, linguistically, socially and emotionally, physically and creatively”. You can buy toys that enhance sensory or even do some crafts and activities. Adding sensory to the day can be an easy task and we hope some of these options work for your child. If your child has a favorite sensory toy or activity, please submit them through a comment.

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