Connecting Online with Cerebral Palsy Information

Cerebral Palsy Information

The internet is great but it also has its pitfalls. Just as all of the information available creates a great wealth of resources to learn from, the amount of misinformation and inadequate sites out there can prevent those who need it the most from finding what they need. Connecting online with Cerebral Palsy information is extremely important, not only because of the ease in which quality resources can be shared, but also because of the unity it can provide.

First and foremost, we’d like to believe our website ( is a comprehensive and exhaustive source of information related to Cerebral Palsy. During our recent site update, we found out we have over five hundred pages of Cerebral Palsy information. Each of these pages is focused on breaking down the complexities of a complicated condition and making CP a topic parents, advocates and more can feel comfortable understanding and discussing. If you haven’t already, be sure to use the Search function or wander the various menus throughout the site to learn more about specific instances of Cerebral Palsy, as well as the condition as a whole.

That said, we have built an extensive library of blog posts centered around discussing “life with Cerebral Palsy.” Rather than repeat the science and technical elements of CP, we try to publish content that speaks to the daily lives of families touched by Cerebral Palsy. Whether in encouraging advocacy or providing ideas to make everyday life easier (and better), we take pride in our blog being relatable and always welcome ideas we can dive into in order to help as we can!

With our website revision, we brought into the website a forum aimed at connecting parents from all across the country (and world) on a variety of topics. We encourage all of our blog readers to register and share your thoughts on blog topics and general life events through the forum to inspire conversation and hopefully help other parents who may feel “alone” in their parenting journey.

Our Facebook Page was built on the basis of sharing positive, non-controversial topics that inspire awareness and increased action within the Cerebral Palsy community. Like us and get stories of inspiration, news, research and more into your daily Timeline, as well as updates from our blog and more!

Of course, one last way to connect online with Cerebral Palsy information is by filling out our online form to find out how the MyChild care team can help your family. Contact us today (or call 800-692-4453) and we will connect you with helpful resources aimed at improving your child’s ability to overcome barriers caused by his or her diagnosis, today and for years to come.