Summer Checklist of Ideas for Children with Special Needs

summer checklist

Almost every parent of a school-aged child sees the summer as a challenge. Whether keeping a kid busy or just combating the drop-off that occurs between the structure of school and being home, there is definitely space to fill. With that in mind, we wanted to put a few ideas out on our blog to inspire additional thoughts regarding ways to help your child beat the summer (and keep your child from beating you!)

First and foremost, learning does not have to end just because school is not in session. There are a variety of different programs available on-line or possibly in your community related to summer learning that should not be ignored! The summer is a great time for helping your child get comfortable with (or ahead) when it comes to upcoming lesson plans and topics. Buying a used textbook or a subject-specific workbook can help you focus your child’s energy, perhaps even just one hour at a time,  can be an immense help. And don’t be afraid to contact the school district or leave a message with the school to see if there are any suggestions they can offer – many schools can contact teachers during break to explore options and the few minutes it might not take could definitely be worth it.

We don’t want to take for granted the fact that some of our audience may have children with more aggressive challenges associated with their Cerebral Palsy. For those parents, simply keeping their child calm, cool and focused is important for  the summer months. Depending upon your child’s mobility, things like a sprinkler or water fun may not be an option to keep your child cool. If air conditioning is a challenge on your budget, don’t hesitate to see what options there are for fans and other items for your home that can bridge the gap. Our Care Team also can connect parents with energy assistance programs aimed to limit costs associated with beating the summer heat.

What about activities? Crafts can be a fun, controlled way to focus your child’s energy in a way that builds dexterity and confidence while also providing lifetime memories. We have provided a number of different craft ideas on this blog associated with the holidays and seasons, and will continue to do so. There are also a number of fantastic sites aimed to help children with special needs make and enjoy crafts. Consider the following:

While it may be summer, that doesn’t mean you can’t begin planning for winter. Summer is a great time to look into your winter needs because it is offseason and scheduling may be easier.  Not only might you save a few dollars due to lack of demand, it can help you avoid challenges by scheduling an inspection or tune up now.

Finally, the summer can be a very busy time when it comes to appointments due to children not being in school. Before things get too hectic, take a moment to look into what upcoming appointments may be necessary and which you can schedule now before things get too crazy.

We always like to defer to our audience, though, on tips associated with preventing challenges. What are your tips for other parents this summer? Let us know in the Forum!