Cerebral Palsy Help for 2015!

Cerebral Palsy help

It’s a new year, which means we have new forms of Cerebral Palsy help for our wonderful community. While the MyChild team has been offering free assistance for nearly two decades, we still continue to update our content and look for new ways to make life easier for parents of children with Cerebral Palsy. What does this mean for you, our families? Even better resources are now available to help your child in 2015!

One of our newest kits available to parents is our Special Education kits. These kits are a specific form of Cerebral Palsy help aimed at educating parents on a wide variety of issues, including government resources, the rights of parents (and kids), setting up an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and more! What makes this kit so helpful is that it includes resources state-to-state, so we’re able to help no matter where you’re from.

Speaking of state-specific resources, we continue to amass helpful Cerebral Palsy information that applies to children nearly everywhere. If you’ve hit the wall in your search, or are just interested in finding out what we have, our team members are happy to speak with you about your child’s needs and see what local organizations, groups or resources are available.

With the winter bringing colder weather and the holidays not so far behind us, bills may be more difficult to meet than before. One component of help we’re able to offer parents of children with Cerebral Palsy is information on energy and housing assistance.

Want to know about programs that can help your child get new equipment for the new year? We can help you with that too! Whether your needs revolve around sanitary items, wheelchairs/braces, modified equipment, our team is happy to dig through our wide assortment of resources to see how we can help you and your child!

Finally, if you’re just looking to speak with someone who understands your situation, we continue to expand our Cerebral Palsy community on our Facebook Page. With over 60,000 members, the Page features parent experiences, news, inspirational stories and more.

All of these kits (and more) are available by calling (800) 692-4453. Because we send our kits via email, there is no delay in receiving the Cerebral Palsy-related help we have to offer. So contact us today and speak with one of our team members about any questions or concerns you might have – we look forward to speaking with you.

Wishing you and your family all the best in 2015!