Cerebral Palsy Parenting: A Blog Recap

In the past year, we have done many different things to improve our offerings for our Facebook community and each new parent who finds us through search. With a new website launching at the end of this month, we’ll also be merging our blog into part of the CerebralPalsy.org site. This is being done to connect our great information pages with emerging topics, but also to help bring in more families by making our site more accessible for those interested in Cerebral Palsy parenting.

Just one of the components of our blog, Facebook Page and page content direction, Cerebral Palsy parenting topics are still something we think is an important part of a “360” approach to this condition. Our community is not only made up of inspiring individuals who overcome challenges daily while living with Cerebral Palsy, but also parents of young children with CP who are looking for the best information available. This second segment, as well as everyday advocates, are also an important community and one we actively connect with every day through our care team (available at (800) 692-4453(800) 692-4453 FREE or through our contact form).

If you are a parent of a child with Cerebral Palsy, we have several blog posts to consider:

Discover fun summer activities for your child, including resources and assistance programs aimed at helping kids with special needs! Download our Summer with Cerebral Palsy eBook for free and let us know if you need any other ideas or assistance! Included in that eBook: ways to get discounts on travel, safety advice, information on creating a blog and more!

Need a starting point to talk to a child about differences? Consider our suggestions about this important topic in our June blog post! Breaking down barriers regarding special needs is great, from all perspectives, as we work towards a more understanding future.

As some of you know all too well, Cerebral Palsy parenting is closely related to learning and teaching. Knowing how to plan ahead for the coming school year is part of our June tips, including improving your child’s IEP. Also included: get an updated copy of your medical records before you travel and bring them with you, along with your handicapped placard! And if you’re considering choosing a daycare for your child with CP, we’ve got a post for that!

Speaking of travel: we’ve got you covered. Check out wheelchair-friendly/special needs vacation ideas, as well as our post on flying with a child with Cerebral Palsy, which includes special needs booking and contact information for the major airlines.

Children with CP have the greatest potential when they have access to the best resources, early intervention and assistance programs, therapy and more. Find out how our MyChild team can help connect you with Cerebral Palsy parenting topics, as well as assist you in navigating various programs available in your state and nationwide. Call us at (800) 692-4453(800) 692-4453 FREE or fill out our easy contact form to be called at your convenience – we look forward to see how we can help!