How (And Why) an Attorney Founded MyChild


One of the first things you may notice on our newly designed website is a statement in the upper left noting that the site is owned and operated by attorney Ken Stern. This disclosure should not raise an alarm, though. Instead, it represents our founder’s career path and the immediate realization anyone who works with children with special needs has: that more help is needed.

Ken Stern has served as a Cerebral Palsy attorney for over three decades. A father himself, our founder went into birth injury law due to the value proper representation offers families who so desperately need it. Going into birth injury as a practice requires dedication, especially when no fees are charged upfront and litigation can take years. However, for every one parent able to prove their child’s injury in a court of law, there are countless others who are forced to rely upon the services and resources available from the government, charitable organizations and more.

The problem with these resources, though, is that they are often nearly impossible to access. Beyond the competition for a limited number of assistance efforts out there, Google is filled with attorney advertising and difficult to find websites. Adding how difficult it can be to understand governmental assistance programs, accessing help is often an uphill battle for parents.

MyChild at is intended to be a bridge for parents and families to access programs of all types. The call center there is available 9 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday, free of charge, to see what help can be provided to improve the life of a child with CP. The site maintains a very active Facebook community that does not speak to issues like medical malpractice or litigation but, instead, everyday life. This is because is focused on helping in the now.

While other organizations may hide their history, we are proud of it due to its genuine roots and ongoing value we provide to families of children with Cerebral Palsy. Hundreds of families from across the country (and the world) have connected with a Care Team member who dives deep into a bank of resources to see what help is available. MyChild is not a fly-by-night marketing gimmick but, instead, a critical tool that many families have used to access adaptive equipment, assistive technology, energy bill assistance, therapy information, eBooks and more.

For more information on how MyChild can help a child with Cerebral Palsy, call 800-692-4453 or fill out an online form today.