Inspiration for Finding Your Own Path with Cerebral Palsy

While we often focus on children with Cerebral Palsy in hopes of helping to make an impact at an important time during a child’s development, we also work to show what the future can hold. Stories of success and strength we receive from people with CP can be enriching and inspiring to all due to the long road that led up to their successes, but they also supply the hope needed for today’s children. What’s most important, though, is the understanding that many things are possible when a child with CP, supported by family, takes their own route to accomplishing amazing things while providing inspiration as they go!

You can find many different stories of adults with Cerebral Palsy achieving amazing things on our website. We want to take this time, though, to highlight a few stories that are unique in concept and involve brave people finding exceptional solutions to do some pretty amazing things:

Paul Smith – Typewriter Artist
One of our more popular profiles is Paul Smith, who was able to do some amazing things through the use of a typewriter. Using only @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) and . to make amazing pieces of artwork, Smith demonstrated the old adage “where there’s a will there’s a way.” To view some of his amazing and inspirational work, click here or watch this great video on YouTube.

Dan Keplinger – Artist and Speaker
The focus of the 2000 Oscar Award-winning documentary “King Gimp,” Dan Keplinger has spent the better part of two decades spreading awareness and inspiration. Painting with a brush attached to his forehead, Keplinger makes exceptional artwork (viewable here). Focused on education and awareness, Keplinger is a unique example of finding one’s path in life and enlightening an unaware public through inspiration.

Keith Boyd – Budding Entrepreneur

Non-verbal and not yet even a teenager, Keith Boyd has been able to accomplish more in his decade+ on Earth than others dream of. Using a Tobii to communicate, Boyd was able to raise over $250,000 for a tuition-free school for special needs children that he previously attended. Using a business plan involving lemonade stands across Tulsa, Oklahoma, Keith’s Ice Cold Lemonade Stands have gone on to become Keith’s Ice Cold Beverages, now available in stores.

Each of these stories is unique in that they demonstrate a strong individual finding their own unique path to make something for themselves, and for their community. Children with Cerebral Palsy are capable of amazing, inspirational things and we hope to hear from you about how someone in your life with CP has served as an inspiration!