Handicap This! Improvise, adapt and overcome

Have you ever wondered how to dispel notions that a person with Cerebral Palsy is somehow different than a person that doesn’t have the condition? That’s the focus of 71-minute show called, Handicap This! Friends and associates, Mike Berkson (the friend with Cerebral Palsy) and Tim Wambach (the friend without) are on a cross-country journey to explore the serious issues – punctuated by the comical ones – that occur when one buddy has Cerebral Palsy. In doing so, they peel away at the layers of preconceived – and sometimes ill-conceived – notions about disability.

“The tagline (Making minds handicap accessible) is that we educate, empower and entertain,” said Tim, 38, who first started working as Mike’s aid in 2001. “The people who come to see our show are open-minded. What’s interesting is people want to be educated about the special needs community in a way that captures the best of everyone.”

The show touts an honest message of inclusion and tolerance, a visceral experience of laughter and tears, and unique theater experience contained in 71 unconventional minutes.

Upcoming events: Handicap This! Podcast, Monday, September 14, 2014, 8:11 a.m.

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