Comprehensive Cerebral Palsy Gift Guide

The holidays are here, and with plenty of cheer also come a decent amount of stress over selecting a great gift for your child. While there are a number of amazing Cerebral Palsy gift guides out there, our goal is to provide one post that showcases the spectrum of options out there in order to make life easier and make sharing simple!

So, without further ado, our comprehensive Cerebral Palsy gift guide includes:

  • A visual list of terrific Cerebral Palsy gift suggestions from Love That Max. Ellen Seidman, who also contributes special needs content for, does a great job of breaking out a variety of simple, easily managed toys that are a great fit for children with Cerebral Palsy. Ranging in price from $1 apps to $45 riding “scooters,” the gifts go across the spectrum at affordable prices. You can also check out her gift guides from 2010-2012 here.
  • Have Wheelchair Will Travel’s Christmas Cerebral Palsy gift guide is a wonderful, personalized approach. Featuring a bit more pricey suggestions, the suggested gifts are still great one-and-done items family members can jump on now. Suggestions range from the less expensive graphic t-shirts all the way to personalized songs and are terrific for a wide set of ages. The site’s 2013 Cerebral Palsy gift guide is still highly relevant as well (Part One, Part Two).
  • For parents needing Cerebral Palsy gift options for younger children, Fat Brain Toys has a number of simple and effective options. Selections include 16” scooters with handles to tangle therapy and stomp rockets. has a similar approach with their guide for toys for kids with special needs and is a great slideshow to review for options (we love the Paint a Rock Pet as a fun suggestion!)
  • One Cerebral Palsy gift that gets outside of the ‘toy’ norm is adapted baking tools. New Mobility recently covered a number of cooking tools that may be an option for older kids with Cerebral Palsy looking to help in the kitchen.
  • For those looking for a simple one-stop shopping option, has a Holiday Gift Guide to make shopping for a present easy.
  • If you would rather break out options for family and tell them which Cerebral Palsy gift options to choose from, the team at CP Daily Living has a comprehensive introduction to toys and adaptive technology (including adaptive bikes) to check out. They also include a variety of charities and programs that are enabled to help.
  • If you prefer to use Amazon, be sure to do so through their AmazonSmile initiative, that donates 0.5% of the price of purchases to the charitable organizations of your choice.
  • 9 different stores dedicated to items for children with special needs, presented by Firefly/Leckey.
  • The MyChild team at also has a number of resources for products that can be purchased for children that are available by calling (800) 692-4453!
  • Finally, this short blog post from Riley’s Smile helps explain the concept behind a Cerebral Palsy gift and what to keep in mind when purchasing. It’s an absolutely fantastic analysis of what makes for a good present and may be of help for those families looking to better understand the needs associated (Note: avoid the spammy comments at the bottom!)

None of these suggestions are provided through sponsorship and are intended solely as a simple overview of options to make shopping for a gift for a child with Cerebral Palsy simple and easy.

Feel free to let us know what we missed or any other Cerebral Palsy gift options we should include and we’ll be happy to add them!