Special Education

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The term ‘going to school’ is fundamentally different from ‘receiving a meaningful education.’ Being educated means that a person can take what they have learned and apply it in the marketplace to support their ambitions, pursue their interests, live amongst others, and generally abide by the rules of the society in which they live.

Education instills common understanding, awareness and respect among citizens living within the same environment. So important it is that every person deserves an equal opportunity to learn and thrive within the educational setting. Rules of society depend upon it. To accomplish this lofty goal, however, requires additional supports and services for some.

The concept behind special education is to have available service and supports that allow all individuals the opportunity to reach a meaningful education that furthers their ability to reach their highest potential.

About special education

A child’s education is the springboard for many things: the aptitude to perceive and function at home and in public, the capability to pursue employment or college, and the confidence to socialize.

There used to be a time when segregated special education was the norm. Today, children with disabilities are entitled to a more conventional, inclusionary education – one that can mainstream them into the classroom today and society tomorrow.

If the terms “Individualized Education Plan,” “mainstreaming,” and “special education team” aren’t familiar today, they will be when your child is enrolled in early intervention. The process by which a child with disabilities is schooled is complex, but it’s one in which parents play a vital role.

Parents are urged to ensure that their child has access to every service and support possible during this pivotal time in their child’s life.