Cerebral Palsy Stories for Inspiration

Beyond being a resource for those looking to better understand Cerebral Palsy, we also pride ourselves on sharing impactful stories that inspire and represent a great example of the potential children with CP can have. Our Facebook Page carries many of these stories of inspiration, but we wanted to be sure to localize a few that might bring a smile to your face and show what the future can hold. Ultimately, each of these stories speak to the human spirit and the forms success can come in for advocates and those touched by Cerebral Palsy alike.

The love of family is something that drives so many success stories. One of the most recent national stories surrounding family and Cerebral Palsy involved the Gandee brothers. Older brother Hunter, 17, completed his second trek with younger brother Braden, 8, on his back as a measure to raise awareness around CP. Their effort, Cerebral Palsy Swagger, involved a 57 mile journey and inspired countless people in their community and beyond, which Hunter deemed as ‘worth it.’ Find out more about the Gandees in our blog post here.

On the topic of family, sometimes parents feel guilty about the attention a child with special needs receives, perhaps at the expense of siblings. We love stories from The Mighty but this piece, an open letter to siblings, struck a chord with our audience. Dive into this heartfelt and inspiration-filled message by clicking here.

Another piece from The Mighty focused on another difficult, but important topic: open dialogue on the facts and reality of Cerebral Palsy. When one young woman with CP felt her classmates avoided or stared at her, she created a simple PowerPoint presentation to hopefully tear down stigmas and concerns surrounding Cerebral Palsy. The impact was so great that it was turned into a short animated video that took the world by storm. Find out more about this wonderful story by clicking here.

Nike recently made headlines by debuting a new shoe aimed at helping those with special needs who are unable to ‘lace up’ with traditional shoes. While the fact a major international company had adapted their product to match the needs of those who really need it, the story was further bolstered by how it all started. One young teenager with Cerebral Palsy wrote Nike asking them to look into change. The results have been incredible and are still rolling forward, establishing inspiration in a new generation and beyond. Read more here.

Finally, but so very touching, was a story about dance and beauty. While Cerebral Palsy impacts each child differently, physical ability can be limited significantly enough that the idea of being able to dance, much less ballet, may only seem to be a pipe dream. Not so for one class of young ladies from New Jersey, who held a recital in June that touched the heart of thousands. Find out how they did it, what inspired them and how you might be able to do the same by clicking here.

The wonderful thing about CP in 2015 is that stories emerge constantly that show the amazing things children and people with Cerebral Palsy continue to do. Allow yourself to be inspired by Liking our Facebook Page or checking in with our blog often to see just how much is possible. If you are looking for help in increasing your child’s potential, or need help with resources, assistance and more, call us at (800) 692-4453(800) 692-4453 FREE or fill out our contact form to have a MyChild care team member find ways for us to be a part of your child’s success story.