An Accessible Easter for Children with Special Needs

Special needs parents are often disappointed when they find out their child cannot participate in the normal holiday activities.  Everyone deserves a chance to join in on the holiday fun. With our simple tips, you can make this holiday accessible for your child so you can relax and enjoy the time spent with your loved ones. Whether that is planning your child’s Easter meal or getting pictures taken with the big fluffy Easter bunny make this special time fit everyone’s needs.  Before you hit the road or ham this holiday season, make sure you have everything planned out to make sure a grand time is had by all.

Easter Bunny Pictures
A popular tradition loved by many is getting dressed up to have their picture taken with the Easter Bunny! For some this can be a tricky task due to their child’s needs when it comes to accessibility. Before heading out the door for the much looked forward to picture day, call up ahead of time to acquire the information you need about participating in the activity. If you aren’t sure about the location, you can always head out to the destination ahead of time to scope out the place yourself you can always do this same routine when seeing if your Easter brunch is wheelchair accessible.

If you are heading out to eat this year for your holiday brunch, it pays to investigate. Not every place offers Easter brunch, so if your child requires special menu adaptations it is best to plan way in advance. Some places might have their brunch menu listed online in time for you to make the best choice of where to dine. However, it is always best to call ahead of time to make sure all your specific requirements for your child can be made properly. If you are going over to a family or friend’s home, you can always bring a prepared meal that is safe for them to eat.

Easter Egg Hunt
Accessible Easter egg hunts can be found in most communities. The event also sometimes includes special activities and bunny photo ops.  The events are not only wheelchair accessible but often include “quiet hunts” for children with sensory concerns. If your local community does not offer this type of adaptation, bring it to their attention. Make sure your voice is heard so changes can be made, there might be other children in your neighborhood who are in the same boat that you and your family is in. If you haven’t found an Easter hunt to meet your needs, you can create your own!

Make Your Own Adaptable Easter Egg Hunt
An easy way to bring the outdoor fun indoors is by placing the plastic Easter eggs on the walls of your home. Head to your local hardware or craft store to purchase tape that is paint and wallpaper safe. Simply fill the eggs with goodies and tape them on the wall of your home that is at a reasonable height that your child can reach in their wheelchair. Another way to have your child participate in an Easter egg hunt is by placing magnets on the plastic eggs. Then attach a magnet on the end of a walking stick. Your child can then go around and pick up the eggs using their new tool! If your child is vision impaired, you can find beeping Easter eggs online. You can then place these wherever you choose. Simply turn on and let the noise guide your child to their prize!

Having a fun Easter comes with careful planning. Be sure to make a checklist of what you need to make sure your family has a happy, safe and accessible Easter. Instead of waiting for the perfect holiday for your family, create it yourselves!

If you would like more information on accessibility or resources we have offer, please call us at (800) 692-4453. Our care team is here to help you and your family receive the help they need.