Make The Most Out Of Spring

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Winter is coming to an end and a new season is on the horizon. What will this new season bring you? Spring is an excellent time to make changes. Maybe your New Year’s resolutions didn’t make it this far or perhaps you didn’t set any for this year but now want to start this year off right. Hit the restart button on your life and make the most of it this spring. Here are some tips to help you and your family do a reboot while enjoying everything springtime has to offer.

Spring is a season for new beginnings, a fresh start. Find some time to sit down and think about what you would like to do differently in this next season. Everyone should decide what they can do to be better!  Discuss a spring reset with your family members and find out what they would like to change and accomplish too. Whether that is making more healthier food choices, helping more in chores or getting out of the house more. Take notes and write a plan of action so commitment can be made. Create a visual reminder so each of you can be reminded of your goals so these new habits do not slip into the wayside.

Get Some Fresh Air
Now that the snow is melting and the sun is starting to shine again, make the most out of it! Say goodbye to cabin fever and head out into the great outdoors. There are so many activities that you do with your child while getting some fresh air. Nature helps reduce stress and increases happiness. Have a picnic in the park! Make a simple lunch or dinner and go to your local park. Make sure to leave your phone behind to fully soak in your surroundings. While at the park, fly a kite! It will really lift your spirits. If you cannot make it to the park, make it a weekly routine to eat outside at home.

The spring season comes with a lot of rain. Don’t let this stop you from going outdoors! Put on your raingear and head out to splash in the puddles. Make it a competition to see who can catch the most raindrops! Let your kids get down and messy. The rain brings out the worms, so allow your children to study the creatures and maybe even permit them to hold one or two in their hands. What other animals does the rain bring out or hide away? While you’re outside pick some wildflowers for your home. Be sure to check out some literature on flowers, birds and worms at your nearest library so your children can learn more about their discoveries. Don’t forget to listen to the rain while you’re outside, it can be very therapeutic.

Freshen Up Your Plate
Eating healthy can make you feel brand new. So out with the old and in with the new! Freshen up your plate with fruits and vegetables. Spring is the perfect time to start up the outdoor grill. Grill some chicken to top on a salad or to add into a vegetable packed pita sandwich. Are there meals where you can incorporate seasonal fruits or veggies? Head to your local farmers’ market with the kids to support local farmers and your community. While on the hunt for the freshest produce, if you see an item and you are not sure how you can add it in to your family’s meals, ask the vendor. They can provide you with some meal ideas that you can incorporate it in. The vendors can also teach your children on how they grow their items. Not sure where to find a farmers’ market near you?  The website Local Harvest does the work for you! Simply enter your town in the search bar and it will list options in your area along with a description of each.

Spring Makeover
The winter can leave you feeling drab. Start the spring with a fresh look for yourself and your home. Take everyone in for a haircut! It will boost self-confidence and having you feeling renewed. Pack away winter clothes and incorporate some color into your wardrobe. This is an opportune time to organize and to do a good spring clean! Put clothes and toys away that your family is no longer using into storage. Open up the curtains and windows to get some fresh spring air and sunshine into your home. Gather your curtains and tie them with a colorful ribbon to spruce up the room. Make your home more spring friendly by venturing out to a dollar store and picking out some colorful plates to enjoy your garden fresh meals on.

Spring Events
Spring is the season where most outdoor events and festivals begin. Many of these are free and held in local parks. These can include outdoor concerts, craft shows and food festivals.  If you were stuck inside this winter, make it vital that you go explore and check out something new. Is your child into science, art or more into sports? Go to your city’s website and search their event calendar to see what is happening near you to find an event that matches their interest.  A spring event may also be a great time to leave the children at home so you and your spouse can enjoy a date night.

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