Free Apps to Help Your Child with Cerebral Palsy

Technology makes life so much easier and can be helpful for children with Cerebral Palsy. There are millions of apps out there that are designed for special needs children, but a majority of them cost a good amount of money. It can be time consuming to sort through apps to find ones that are free and no parent really has the time for that. We found 5 FREE apps that may help your child with Cerebral Palsy and might lessen the time spend searching for free apps.

Crazy Copy Games. This app includes four memory games for your child. They are presented with a sequence and have to be able to recall the order. The orders depend on the game and there are four levels: classic, reverse, antipodal, and monochrome. This can be a fun game for your child and a good way to introduce a memory game.

See.Touch.Learn. Don’t know what to do with all your flashcards? This app can replace all of them. See.Touch.Learn allows you to create lessons and flashcards for your child. Also, there are options to purchase lessons and flashcards within the app if needed. It may be worth the try to see how well it works to create your own flashcards and lessons. Creating your own allows you to focus on certain needs and may work best for your child. This could be a great way to organize flashcards and keep them in one place without the stress of losing them.

iComm. iComm is designed to help children communicate using pictures and words. You have to add your own pictures, but this makes it very customizable. You can create 9 categories worth of pictures and words. There is an option to purchase more categories and record sound in the upgraded version. iComm may be the right app for your child and help with communicating.

Birdhouse for Autism. Birdhouse is intended for children with Autism, but since it is a medical journal, it can benefit anyone with special needs. As parents with children with special needs, it is important to keep journals of your child’s medical information and more. You can record medications and times, track diets, sleep cycles, behaviors, and even more. The possibilities are endless. There is also an upgraded version you can purchase if needed.

Behavior Textbook (TBT) – Feeling Cards. This app includes over 75 pictures and four videos of emotions and calming poses. This is ideal for any child who struggles with identifying their own emotions and how to cope with them. The Behavior Textbook may help your child learn emotions and learn coping skills.

Apps are not always free, especially ones that are designed to help your child with Cerebral Palsy. It can also be a long process to find good free apps and parents don’t always have the time to search. Apps can make life easier and may be able help your child. We hope that at least one of these 5 free apps can work for your child and can cut down the time searching for apps. If you know any free apps for children with special needs, submit a comment below.

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