Our Cerebral Palsy Resources for Warm Weather

After what was, for much of the country, a relatively bizarre winter, spring is finally here! While children relish the opportunity to get away from school and intense learning, parents face a new round of challenges and other considerations. However, warm weather also presents a number of terrific opportunities, as well as unique items to keep tabs on for your child.

For your consideration, here are some important topics for parents of children with CP to consider now that warm weather has arrived. Each of these Cerebral Palsy resources is something we can help you with so don’t hesitate to contact us for more information:

Camps – If you thought camp couldn’t be an option for your child, it may be time to revisit that belief. We recently covered a wide spectrum of camps for children with special needs that take place across the country but there are still a lot more to consider. As some of these camps do provide assistance to help with cost, it is important to get in contact with them as soon as possible to find out your options for this year or, if it’s too late, for the next.

Sports Programs – Just like camp, many parents think their child is not going to be able to participate in athletics. However, there are a diverse number of sports programs that involve modified rules, or equipment, to allow those with special needs to participate. Find out what your options are and if any would be of interest to your child with Cerebral Palsy.

Energy Assistance – Just because the weather has improved doesn’t mean that you have more money for bills! Our energy help guides can walk you through the steps needed to receive financial assistance for these bills, hopefully bringing reprieve to those who can use a bit of help no matter the time of year. Like all of our Cerebral Palsy resources, energy assistance programs are provided free of charge to help with your burden!

Education Planning – While the school year may be coming to a close, planning for the next year has already begun. If your child has an Individualized Education Program (IEP), it is important to ensure you are having the conversations necessary with each member of your team, as well as any new teacher who your child will have next year, to pave the next school year with success. What’s more, this may be the time where you begin exploring options regarding summer education, reading programs, tutoring, etc. We have a number of Cerebral Palsy resources surrounding education and are happy to walk you through them at your convenience!

Traveling – If your family is fortunate enough to be headed away for a little R&R this summer, be sure you are prepared to travel. In addition to our great resources on the topic, we have recently published posts on navigating air travel and being prepared for all the challenges associated with a trip. The adage of ‘better safe than sorry’ is especially applicable when traveling with an individual with special needs, so read up and request information if you plan to be on the go. You can also check out our recent guide to air travel when traveling with a special needs passenger, as well as what companies like Special Globe can do for you when it comes to booking a proper trip for a child who is differently-abled!

Medicine/Prescriptions – As people age, even those without special needs, they react differently to their environment. Whether developing allergies, reacting differently to sunlight or even growing out of previous issues, the changing body of children with Cerebral Palsy requires constant vigilance. Be sure to ask your doctor about any questions you have related to medicines, prescription interactions and more as the season of sneezes approaches.

With each of these items, the team at MyChild has a number of great Cerebral Palsy resources available to help parents be prepared. Give us a call at (800) 692-4453(800) 692-4453 FREE or fill out our simple contact form to find out how we can help you tackle spring!