Changing Physical Therapists for your Child's Cerebral Palsy

Physical Therapists

When it comes to your child’s wellness and success, the decision is obviously yours. That may seem obvious, but far too many parents don’t truly take control when it comes to their child’s treatment. Yes, medical professionals are well-versed and trained in the issues surrounding Cerebral Palsy. However, just because the hospital recommended a specific professional or doctor for your child’s treatment does not necessarily mean you are limited to that selection. Instead, choosing a therapist for your child’s physical therapy should be a choice made in confidence. Unless you are geographically or financially limited in your selection, do not hold back in considering a second opinion!

The issues to take into consideration when choosing and assessing a physical therapist are, of course, dependent on your child’s unique challenges and needs. Beyond the medical knowledge and abilities required, there is a need for trust and a foundation for growth. If things occur that make you lose trust in your physical therapist, be proactive instead of quiet. Far too often parents feel overwhelmed and not empowered to speak up. Instead, voice your concerns in a way, directly with the therapist, that highlight areas you feel are lacking and what you would like to see changed.

This idea of change can be troubling because it represents a disruption. Some children with special needs cannot easily handle changes in their schedule. As a result, parents who are looking to encourage stability and consistency wherever possible can feel forced into staying with things as they are. Yet, if the problems you have are truly impacting your child’s progress, you should not feel limited in requesting change. Early intervention is a critical therapy effort aimed at limiting the impact CP has on your child; as people with Cerebral Palsy age, it becomes increasingly hard to find ways to counter challenges created by the initial brain injury suffered. Making sure the considerable time and effort being put in now is actually helping toward a common goal is essential.

Ultimately, an open and honest discussion with your child’s Physical Therapist may be the best route for your child. No therapist should guarantee results. This is not because you should be skeptical of success but, instead, due to the wide variety of challenges that can arise from the brain injury resulting in Cerebral Palsy. Children especially can face a wide range of challenges as they age that emerge only through missed milestones and specific symptoms presenting themselves. Trust is critical when it comes to physical therapy due to the effort you and your child must put in. If you are not able to confidently work with your child’s physical therapist, there may be missed opportunities for improvement and challenges left unaddressed. A physical therapist may be able to open up a wide range of opportunities and if you do not think that your current therapist is that person, you should consider someone else.

For more information on Cerebral Palsy, the injury that results in a CP diagnosis, therapy as a whole or a wide assortment of resources that may be able to help your child, contact us today! The MyChild Care Team is available from 9-5 EST, Monday through Friday, to see how we can help your child succeed and assist your family in any way they can.