Navigating for Cerebral Palsy Information

Part of the motivation behind developing was to consolidate critical Cerebral Palsy information in one central location. While there are many websites available to help special needs families, it is also fragmented and at times unreliable when it comes to accuracy or supporting data. Parents don’t have time to research the sites they find while researching; when time is short due to chores, family time, work and more, you shouldn’t have to dig further into what Google provides!

Here are just a few of the sections from that you can dive into for Cerebral Palsy information relevant to not just your child, but your family as well!

About Cerebral Palsy. Better understand this diagnosis, conditions related and a wide variety of other Cerebral Palsy information. Symptoms of CP can vary, as can diagnoses, options, causes and more. This section is the heart of because it contains the Cerebral Palsy information that greatly impacts the day-to-day of parents just like you.

Therapy. Want more information on what therapy entails for a child with Cerebral Palsy? Dive into this informational section focused on what you can expect and options available in the years (and decades!) to come.

Disability/Special Needs Etiquette. Learn the language. Far too many people do not understand the power of words, especially for those in the special needs community. This page also serves as an easy share to explain your view on items or to help family understand the importance of CP and more!

Get Inspired. Every parent understands the value of a win but special needs parents understand the need to find wins in different places. Learn about some amazing people associated with Cerebral Palsy, not only for your own encouragement but also for ideas of how to inspire your child regarding the future!

But is also just one of our avenues for Cerebral Palsy information! We also have a dynamic, extremely active Facebook Page made up of a community of parents facing challenges just like you, as well as a forum in the works aimed at helping you connect like never before. You can also check out our Pinterest page and Twitter to keep up with updates, as well as a Google+ account if that’s your preferred platform.

Ultimately, our goal with is to make accessing helpful Cerebral Palsy information as easy as possible. Did we miss something or do you have questions that remain unanswered? Let us know! Fill out our contact form for more information on resources in your area available for children with Cerebral Palsy, but also reach out to us on Facebook or give us a call at (800) 692-4453(800) 692-4453 FREE!