Suggestions for Fall

Children with special needs face significant challenges, both due to everyday tasks and unique, seasonal circumstances. Helping a child face and overcome these challenges is part of a parent’s job, making preparation a key step in making your job easier! In appreciation for Fall, we have a few things to consider for your child with Cerebral Palsy!

First, we want to note that all of the help covered in this overview represents just a portion of the assistance our organization has available. For information on all of the ways we can help you and your child, fill out our online contact form or call us at (800) 692-4453(800) 692-4453 FREE!

That said, the first thing to address is the fluctuating nature of the weather in the Fall for families across the country. Energy bill assistance is available for those parents who are facing hardship, regardless if increases are related to soaring heat or an early winter. For more information on energy bill assistance from a member of our care team, don’t hesitate to call us or contact us through our website (or on our Facebook).

Another option this Fall is to explore your options when it comes to your child’s education. Individualized Education Programs aim to match your child’s specific special needs with solutions that maximize his or her potential for success. Whether you are happy with how things are going at school or not, there are a wide assortment of options and information available. If your child’s IEP is inadequate (or you have yet to set one up), there is help available but other options include assistive technology, therapy and more. For more information on preparing for an IEP or securing your child’s rights, download our free eBook on the topic.

Our final suggestion is checking out our suggestions on Halloween activities! We will have more options up soon but our info from 2014 isn’t outdated! Looking for Halloween activities that engage your child in a multisensory way, check out our post on the topic. We also have posts on Halloween wheelchair costumes for kids and sensory play suggestions for the fun holiday!

If you have specific needs, whether related to Fall or your child’s everyday life, do not hesitate to let us know. Our care team is happy to walk through your options at the local and national level to help your child however we can. Call us at (800) 692-4453(800) 692-4453 FREE or visit our website and contact us today for more information on how we can help!