Planning a Vacation: Overcoming CP-Related Challenges

While it may not seem like it, especially given how hot this summer has been, but any winter vacation you may be considering is going to require planning! If you are fortunate enough to use the winter months as an opportunity to get away, you may still face an abundance of challenges associated with destinations. The reason: not all places are ‘special needs friendly.’ As a result, navigating the planning for your trip can be an uphill battle. Which is why we want to make it simpler!

Back in May we tackled the topic of planning a Wheelchair-Friendly/Special Needs Vacation and, luckily for you, that information is still plenty relevant when winter comes! Whether you plan to go to Disney or a far-off, wheelchair-accessible beach, our blog post has you set. Don’t miss out on the list of 7 must-see wheelchair-friendly vacation destinations: several get away from the typical and are great for planning as a family. Of course, if all you want is sand in your toes (or tread), be sure to check out these 10 wheelchair accessible beaches!

If you will be reaching your destination by air, be sure to get the contact numbers you need to ensure your flight goes smoothly. Our blog post on information for Flying with a Child with Cerebral Palsy goes for vacation as well as seeing grandma, not only providing special needs hotlines, but also what can and cannot be taken on a plane and more!

But what if you plan on driving on your upcoming winter vacation? Friendship Circle has 70+ Tips and Tricks for Special Needs Road Trips. Also be sure to check out these Fun (and Educational) Summer Vacation Downloads, aimed at keeping your child busy while you face the road! And while you’re looking ahead, be sure to contact us and let us know if your vehicle requires modifications to effectively transport your child; vehicle modification info is just one of a wide number of resources we have available for parents of children with Cerebral Palsy. We can also connect you with organizational tips and more aimed at helping you plan out the vacation your family deserves.

Ultimately, the best way to open yourself up to a great vacation is to make your life easier. Find out how MyChild can help you, not only with planning a vacation but taking the burden out of a wide assortment of areas that challenge you as a parent of a child with special needs. Call us at (800) 692-4453(800) 692-4453 FREE or fill out our contact form 24/7 – one of our care team members will reach out to see what resources, specifically aimed at your child’s needs, we can get in your hands in a matter of minutes!