What Happens When I Call MyChild?

The MyChild team at CerebralPalsy.org spends six days a week speaking to families of children with CP. These conversations revolve around the child’s condition and the resources we can provide to make an impact. Sent via email at the end of the call, these free resources serve as one step toward helping children reach their full potential.

But what happens when you call MyChild? We’ve discussed before the reason behind our interview process and the value it can provide to families who are unaware of various programs and resources that can help their child. Instead of going over that, we want to ensure that our community understands the process taken to deploy our free assistance.

From the onset, our team will create a record for your child. This record is used to streamline future assistance, resend any content that was sent before and to follow up when requested. Then, through a short interview process, the MyChild looks to better understand your child’s circumstances and the degree and type of his or her Cerebral Palsy. Doing so helps steer the support we provide and helps to develop a baseline framework for how we can help your child and family, for now and for decades to come!

After developing a brief understanding of your child’s condition and needs, the MyChild team begins walking through the general resources available. These can include federal and state assistance efforts, or even major charities and organizations that may be of help. From there, we narrow down to the circumstances your family faces. This can include support groups, bill assistance, organizations located in your city or state and more. We also will look to connect you with programs built by parents just like you for those who might, for instance, need secondhand adaptive equipment or want to connect for future initiatives.

Perhaps most important to the call is our interest in speaking to you on a personal level. The MyChild team has been built to ensure parents have a positive experience with every call. Coming from a wide set of backgrounds, our team members have been trained to manage our extensive library of resources, while also treating each parent is treated with the respect and compassion they deserve. Details surrounding your child’s Cerebral Palsy may be private or involve sensitive information, and we take pride in ensuring every conversation is positive and always remains confidential.

At its core, the support provided by the MyChild team is done so free of charge and with our full energy and dedication. Our team goes to work each day feeling fortunate to speak with parents like you and serving as a partner in this process. We welcome parents to reconnect with us as their children grow older and their needs change; we do not want to be a one-time call but, instead, a resource you call upon (literally) for years and decades to come. We love to hear of how therapies and treatments have helped your child reach even more of their potential and look forward in catching up with parents as time goes on.

The MyChild team’s work is very rewarding due to the value we know we can provide families of children with Cerebral Palsy. Regardless of how much money you make, there is a resource we have available that can make a difference. Give us a call at (800) 692-4453(800) 692-4453 FREE or fill out our contact form today to speak with one of our team members and see how we can be a part of your child’s success story!