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Eating healthy and exercising regularly are advisable for all. Because individuals with Cerebral Palsy may have oral motor dysfunction, a move towards a specialized diet and meal plan can be immensely helpful, but expensive.

That diet may include consuming specialized foods and liquids, or it may involve preparing foods in a specific way. All food decisions, however, are made taking into consideration a child’s physical condition and dietary preferences. In the event that a child needs a feeding tube to supply essential nutrients, a whole other set of safeguards and precautions come into play.

Registered dieticians, speech and language pathologists and other health professionals can help a parent make decisions about a child’s diet that will ensure his or her overall health.

The government recognizes that families touched by Cerebral Palsy may find themselves in need of government assistance to afford proper nutrition for their child with special needs, and the family as a whole. These programs were developed to help families in need.

Conditions that Affect Nutritional Health
Treatment Options to Improve Nutritional Health
Government Assistance

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Government Assistance

Government assistance – also known as public assistance – is aid, service or supports that are provided to an individual by a government agency based on established criteria – income, disability, dependency or need, for example. Government resources come in the form of cash, food, services, shelter, technology, supports, and more.
Government Assistance