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People are making a difference. Many people – including parents, family, friends, school administrators, caregivers, paraprofessionals, government agents, employers, co-workers, service providers, and more – are responsible for enhancing the lives of individuals with cerebral palsy. Follow TheCPBlog.org for cerebral palsy blog stories that celebrate humanity.

Frankie’s World

special needs, childcare, daycare

Finding a daycare that fits your desires can be a struggle for many parents of children with special needs. A daycare center in Philadelphia is changing up the game when it comes to child care services and other organizations need to take note. 

Horses for Therapy: How It Works

horse therapy, hippotherapy, cerebral palsy

Hippotherapy, also known as horse therapy can be an effective therapy solution for special needs children. It can help with a wide range of intellectual disabilities, language disorders and sensory processing disorders. The therapy has been known to be a much more successful than working in a clinical setting. 

Halloween and Wheelchairs

While every child may struggle to decide what their Halloween costume will be, children with special needs are far more limited in their options. Have a look at some suggestions to keep in mind when navigating your child's costume this year!