How Our Cerebral Palsy Assistance Works

As you’ve undoubtedly seen on our Facebook Page, MyChild is dedicated to providing free Cerebral Palsy assistance to parents of children with CP. What you might not know, or be aware of, is how we do this and the steps we take to provide unique, personalized help every day. If you could use help for your child with Cerebral Palsy, or would just like to better understand our program, here is a look behind the scenes at our efforts.

The first step in our Cerebral Palsy assistance is being contacted by you, our families! Whether through our contact form, an email or a direct phone call, we handle each contact as it comes in, meaning help comes as fast as possible. This help is provided following a brief interview to better understand your child, his or her needs and how we can best help you and your family. By taking the time to speak with every family, we believe the Cerebral Palsy assistance we can provide is unmatched in the world today!

This last point, in fact, is why we don’t make our resources available through instant downloads and require speaking with parents: by initiating a 1 on 1 conversation about you and your child, we’re able to provide even more customized assistance than you might know possible! When information is a click away, we’ve found parents don’t miss out on other programs or unique initiatives related to their child’s interests. Often a parent may call, initially requesting our very popular “Cerebral Palsy Starter Kit” (which helps explain the diagnosis, provides first steps in getting governmental assistance and guides you through what to expect during your child’s early years), but may, through our consultation, end up receiving 3-5 additional resources, including housing assistance, service dog program info, local support group info and more!

And how do we get our Cerebral Palsy assistance information into your hands as quickly as possible? Email! Rather than make you wait through weather delayed mail, or be forced to limit our help based upon shipping costs, we deliver our kits and information directly through email at the end of every call. This helps ensure that we’re able to make an immediate, real impact, and able to tailor our resources to your child’s unique needs.

While this personal approach to Cerebral Palsy assistance is customized in every way, we still believe it’s necessary to best help parents in this fashion at a difficult time. Our team members build lasting friendships with families as they continue to contact us throughout the years for new information or additional guides that relate to their growing child with Cerebral Palsy. We relish the opportunity to be a key advocate for each family and love finding new, truly exciting ways to help provide critical Cerebral Palsy assistance that impacts lives.

If you have a child with Cerebral Palsy and are interested in sports programs, new equipment, energy assistance or any number of different areas of help, please fill out our contact form or call (800) 692-4453 today! We are expanding our office hours to reach parents at times that work for them, not just the traditional 9-5, so let us help you, too!

We look forward to speaking with you and thank you for letting us be a part of your child’s success story!