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More so than ever, technological and bio-medical advancements are opening doors for individuals with cerebral palsy. There are research findings, clinical trials and industry news to announce. Stay current on the latest in cord blood research, stem cell progress, surgical interventions, pain management measures, orthopedic technology, brain cell rejuvenation, and more. Keep abreast of new, unique cerebral palsy blog topics by taking a look today!

What is Baclofen and a Baclofen Pump?

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If your child suffers from severe spasticity due to their Cerebral Palsy, baclofen might be a suitable treatment option. Baclofen is medicine used to treat muscle symptoms that accompany Multiple Sclerosis and Cerebral Palsy. Electric signals from your nerves instruct when to tense up and when to relax your muscles. This becomes abnormal when the nerves are damaged. This causes spasticity, ending with muscles not working as well as they should. Baclofen is a medicine that restores the signals back to normal allowing muscles to work properly.

Three Musical Options for Children with CP

Music can provide joy and energy in people’s life. Playing an instrument and creating music is something every child loves. For children with Cerebral Palsy, ordinary instruments might not be an option. Technology has come so far and there are devices that will make it easier to bring music into your child’s life. Skoog, Touchtone, and Soundbeam are just three musical options that could work for your child.

Computer Modeling Could Help People With Cerebral Palsy

At the University of Queensland in Australia, researchers are working on a project that they hope will help individuals with Cerebral Palsy learn to walk and move more easily.

Dr. Glen Lichtwark from UQ’s School of Human Movement Studies believes that computer models will shed light on areas that are not well understood, including the effect Cerebral Palsy has on muscle function from childhood to adulthood.