Unexpected Cerebral Palsy Resources

Cerebral Palsy resources

Cerebral Palsy, as an umbrella term to describe a condition caused by a brain injury during pregnancy, delivery or post-birth care, can mean a lot of different things for those who live with it. CP may result in a limp or speech difficulty for one person while requiring full-time assistance for others. As such, our Cerebral Palsy resources go along a very wide spectrum. We’re proud of the work we have done building up a wealth of information on free assistance available to children with CP but some Cerebral Palsy resources we come across even surprise us!

Did you know you could get access to free diapers for your child living with Cerebral Palsy? One unexpected item that we have been able to help parents of children of a wide range of ages is with diapers. What can be a relatively expensive period for most parents is an ongoing need for those parents whose children are unable to use the bathroom regularly. We are happy to connect parents of children with Cerebral Palsy with resources aimed to help with diapers moving forward – contact us through our online form for more information!

Nutrition is important for all children, especially those with special needs. Unfortunately, certain supplements and nutritional assistance products can be extremely costly. Nestlé has a wide variety of products for children under several different brands, including Aflamino, BOOST, Compleat, Nutren, Peptamen and Vivonex. For those parents who are facing financial challenges and are unable to afford nutritional products from the brands above, call us at (800) 692-4453 and a Care Team member will help connect you with the information you need to request help.

Our final unexpected Cerebral Palsy resource is rather specific, which is why it’s so great! If you’re looking to get outdoors with your family this spring or summer, you likely would be interested in the parks and trails that can accommodate your child’s special needs. However, nothing can spoil a fun day of exploring nature more than an inaccessible trail. Fortunately, we stumbled across this great resource that lists wheelchair accessible trails in states nationwide! Similar lists from USA TechGuide and Wheelchair Accessible Hikes can be found here and here (respectively). Looking for a similar offering that crowd sources feedback on the accessibility of businesses nationwide? Check out AbleRoad!

These are just a fraction of the Cerebral Palsy resources the MyChild Care Team has available for parents who contact us via our contact form or by calling (800) 692-4453. All of our assistance is provided free of charge so call us now to find out how we can help – we guarantee we’ll have more than you expect to help your child with Cerebral Palsy and you as a parent!