How Our Interviews Help Children with Cerebral Palsy

The team at was built to fill in gaps that exist in the support system for children with Cerebral Palsy in this country. Parents may be unaware of information and resources that are available, due to lack of clarity on the internet and an inability for various groups to reach their intended audience. Our organization assembles helpful resources from across the nation to improve the lives of children and families touched by Cerebral Palsy, and that help begins with a call.

While we often only ask for a few simple details to begin the assistance process on our contact forms, this information helps us begin assembling the best content possible for parents. Whether it’s a Cerebral Palsy Starter kit for parents or individuals just learning about CP or a resource guide for modifications to a home or vehicle, there is variety in what we have that revolves around the state/location and age of a child. Additional support, such as diapers for older children, adaptive equipment and more all heavily rely on the child’s diagnosis and physical abilities, and this represent an example of how our help is not ‘one size fits all.’ Children with Cerebral Palsy are extremely unique from one another and, as a result, deserve additional time to see how help can be provided!

That said, with preparation complete, our team makes contact with a parent or legal guardian of children with Cerebral Palsy, at their convenience, to better understand how the child can be helped. Our phone calls follow a process that looks to comfortably understand the circumstances surrounding your child’s needs so that we can delve more deeply into the resources most applicable.

Over the course of a phone call, we may find that the following resources are a great fit for your child and family:

  • Technology grants
  • Energy/bill assistance
  • Condition-specific grants
  • Housing support
  • Therapy information
  • Community improvement assistance
  • Care benefits
  • And more!

Just as much as you ‘may not know what you don’t know,’ that is all the more true for our team. By building a relationship surrounding the specifics of your child’s condition, it is our hope that we can not only expedite assistance based upon a review of our previous call with you, but also notify parents of new resources when they become available. What’s more, keeping in touch with our parents allows us to provide new resources that match your child as they get older.

If you would like to find out more about the free assistance that we can provide your child with Cerebral Palsy, please fill out our contact form or check out our Facebook Page. There we provide members to ask questions, share information and more to break down barriers when it comes to knowledge and comfort surrounding Cerebral Palsy. We look forward to helping you and your child!