Books for Special Needs Children

Books are more than just educational; they can foster confidence and acceptance to their readers. Especially for the special needs community, it can be challenging to come across books that are specifically geared towards their situation that will enhance their children’s reading experience. Understanding how challenging the task can be, we set out to find books that not only showcase special needs, but also will bring that confidence and acceptance that all children deserve.

First, a note: this list is intended to be a starting point for parents to better understand the books available in this field. Any mention should not be considered, necessarily, an endorsement but, instead, as a reference point for the types of books you might consider for you and/or your child.

“Don’t Call Me Special: A First Look at Disability” by Pat Thomas

This first book illustrates common stereotypes that people with special needs face. It teaches children to not judge someone by their looks and to explore the activities that children with special needs can accomplish. This book is meant to be read to the preschool age group and can be a great way to introduce special needs to your child and show acceptance.

“Rules” by Cynthia Lord

“Rules” is a great book for adolescence children and even a good read for siblings of special needs. It is told from a girl’s perspective that has a brother with autism and her struggle of accepting him for who he is. This would be a perfect book to have a sibling read and be able to relate to the characters and experience acceptance.

“Out of My Mind” by Sharon M. Draper

This is an adolescence book that will show your child with special needs how they are not defined by their challenges. “Out of My Mind” is about a girl who has Cerebral Palsy that can’t walk or talk, but she is determined to not let CP define her. This book can be a great confidence booster for your child and help them see their talents.

“A Rainbow of Friends” by P.K Hallinan

This is a good book for ages 3-5 that will help children celebrate differences. It illustrates differences that are among children and will help create acceptance. This book can also be a way to introduce special needs to your child. The younger you start, the better they accept themselves and differences between everyone.

“Nathan’s Wish: A Story about Cerebral Palsy” by Laurie Lears

This book by Laurie Lears is good for children ages 6-9. It is about a young boy that has Cerebral Palsy who learns how to help his neighbor- who is a raptor rehabilitator- even though he has physical limitations. It is anther great book that will show children with CP and other special needs that their challenges do not define them.

Books can be found in all children’s bedroom and hold special memories for them as they grow. Finding books that can encourage children at a young age and impact their confidence is the challenge. We hope that these five books help make the challenge easier and that your child or family can relate to them. All children deserve to find books that they can relate too and will inspire them to be proud of whom they are. If you have any book suggestions or comments about books for special needs children, feel free to submit them with a comment.

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