Caroline’s Cart is Coming to a Target Near You!

Caroline's Cart

In April of last year, we touched on the news that Target was beginning a test run on specialty shopping carts that feature a large seat on the front. Created by Caroline’s Cart, these special carts are intended to bridge the gap between shopping and transporting a child in the wheelchair. Unlike traditional shopping carts, a Caroline’s Cart features a larger seating area and aims to mobilize individuals with special needs that weigh up to 250 pounds. With a locking brake and handles, this cart is truly unique and extremely helpful to parents and caregivers. Target has just agreed!

On February 4th, the discount shopping corporation announced it would put at least one Caroline’s Cart in nearly every store. This means that, starting March 19th, parents of special children across the country will be able to shop in a way that’s never before been possible. To say that this is a game-changer is an understatement as it reflects a monumental acknowledgement that the special needs community involves individuals big and small, with caregivers facing unique challenges when looking to shop alongside neighbors and peers. While news like a children’s museum preventing a special needs adult with severe intellectual limits from visiting raises frustration, this move shows a brighter future is possible. 

This is not, and should not, be the end of this story. Instead, it can serve as the beginning of a shift in thinking in retail, and business in general, nationwide. We recommend that members of our community reach out to Target and acknowledge this investment into accessibility – all too often, businesses only hear when an error has occurred and rarely hear when they “did it right.” We also want to encourage people to continue reaching out to stores near them to show Target as a positive example to follow. founder Ken Stern had this to say regarding the good news:

“Accessibility is the first step to broadening awareness and breaking down stigmas. When people with special needs are supported through initiatives like Target’s, everyone wins. As much as this provides a new opportunity to parents and caregivers, it will also hopefully shine a light on how much more can, and should, be done to open the world up to those with special needs and their loved ones.”

For a form letter to send to stores in your area, check out our blog post here. The good news is that it’s slightly outdated – you can change the test-run news to this press release from Target!

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Photo Source: Target PR