Why We Provide Free Cerebral Palsy Information

For parents of a child with Cerebral Palsy, there are many different websites, governmental agencies, businesses and more dedicated to providing resources. The problem, though, with these groups or resources is that the there are limits to their helpfulness, reliability or accessibility. MyChild and CerebralPalsy.org were founded on the principle of providing families with free Cerebral Palsy information in order to reduce the clutter and help ease the stress imposed on parents of children with CP.

Beyond providing comprehensive information on our website, the MyChild team also delivers (via email) free Cerebral Palsy information in the form of kits and constantly-updated packets of valuable and needed information. Families looking for free Cerebral Palsy information can simply call our organization (800) 692-4453, or schedule a call appointment through our Facebook or web-based form, and speak with a team member about their needs. Once an agent determines all of the family’s needs, an email is sent with any needed information And that’s about it.

So what’s the catch? How do we provide free Cerebral Palsy information? It’s simple: we’ve cut the cost of sending hundreds of pages of information by delivering solely through email. Where countless dollars are spent by other organizations to print, stuff and mail packets of information, the MyChild team relies on the free and general ease of email to provide our resources in near real-time. By sending information through email, we are able to keep our costs extremely low and get crucial information in the hands of our families almost instantly.

The great part of our work is that our packets and kits of free Cerebral Palsy information are constantly increasing because we are not bound by reprints or costly design. Kits are delivered via PDF for access purposes, as well as to ensure there are no barriers for those families looking to print. The result? Effective assistance for families needing help at critical junctures in the life of their special child.

Types of free Cerebral Palsy information available

Early intervention is crucial for children with Cerebral Palsy due to the significant impact it makes for future movement, development, quality of life and more. Through a short phone call that helps our team best understand your needs (because, let’s be honest, you might not even know what you qualify for or need until someone asks), your family (or a friend!) can receive a number of kits ranging from

  • Cerebral Palsy Starter Kit
  • Energy Bill Assistance
  • Housing for Families of Children with Cerebral Palsy
  • Diagnosis Overviews
  • Home Conversion Options
  • Adaptive Technology/Modified Bicycles… and more

If you’ve exhausted your internet skills and keep running up against companies looking for money for assets, or even prohibitive printing and shipping expectations, you’re in luck. Our team is here to provide you free Cerebral Palsy information with no expectations and no delay. And even if you think you have all of the information you’d need, it doesn’t hurt to contact us. We’ve already explained how simple it is for us to do, so there’s no excuse in finding out what we have to offer. Give us a call (800) 692-4453 now, or,

To request free Cerebral Palsy information via Facebook, click here.
To request free Cerebral Palsy information via our website, click here.