Three Advances in Cerebral Palsy Research to Know About

Cerebral Palsy research

We are extremely excited about the direction in which research has progressed in the last few years. In terms of robotics and electronics, advances are being made that are not only encouraging but also life-changing. While the verdict is still out on some scientific advances like stem cell therapy or Botox, we want to bring attention to several Cerebral Palsy research advances that you should know about:

  • First, robotics. While most people relate advances in robotics to a future filled with robot butlers or self-driving cars, the truth is that there are other, very significant advances taking place. One of those advances made headlines late last year, when a baby with Cerebral Palsy was aided in learning to crawl thanks to a robot. While the device guides the child, it also tracks each move, providing feedback and highlighting which brain actions trigger specific movements. Ultimately, the guidance and monitoring elements help point to a world where CP conditions can be overcome on a more aggressive slope.
  • While many families face financial hurdles preventing certain procedures from being a reality in their child’s life, those who can get access to the surgeries can face the disappointment of a failed effort. Not all surgeries are guaranteed, making some procedures the pursuit of improvement rather than a ‘fix.’ A new assessment, known as Walk-DMC, utilizes tracking technology to predict if certain, aggressive treatment. This predictive ability not only prevents invasive procedures but also helps teach scientists more about motor control and brain-to-muscle connections.
  • Finally, advances in SaaS (Software as a Service) and app technology have led to Vest. The cloud-based app allows for family and loved ones to quickly access information related to the individual with Cerebral Palsy. With options related to personal records, medical needs, health and treatment information and more, this is merely the start of how connected devices can help those with CP. Over time, it’s easy to see advances allowing for regular monitoring of an individual’s mobility, health in real-time, upcoming treatments and therapies and more.

These are just a few advances but each reflects exciting focus and improvement on the needs of the Cerebral Palsy community. We regularly share news articles that feature exciting advances for those with CP on our Facebook Page so be sure to Like us today. For more information on Cerebral Palsy as a condition, please navigate the hundreds of pages on this website or call us at (800) 692-4453 today!