Five Ways To Set Up A Planner

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Five Ways To Set Up A Planner
Planners have become more and more popular over the years. Not only as a way to stay organized but as an expression outlet for crafting as well. Having a planner can make life more simple by keeping all your important event reminders and daily tasks in one spot. Planners can also be used for meal planning, fitness tracking and water consumption.

Picking A Planner
Planners can range from costing you the big bucks to only a couple of dollars. It is all about finding the best one that fits what you need. Planners come in a variety of different sizes, colors and layouts. You just need to figure out your personal preference. You don’t have to run out to the store to purchase one! The internet makes it easy to browse different options. You can also find tons of free downloads on planner sheets for daily, weekly or monthly planning. Simply pick one out, download and print! This might be a good option if you are new to the planner game and want to test out different varieties.

Some Free Downloads:

Let’s Get Things Done Today! Planner

My Daily Planner

It’s A Beautiful Day Planner

Free Printable Irma Weekly Planners

Daily Planner Download  

Appointment and Event Dates
One of the best benefits of having a planner is you have one sole place to put down all your appointments for hair, doctor visits or parent teacher conferences. This will help keep you organized not only in reminding you of what is coming up but also when it comes time to scheduling. You will already have everything laid out so you don’t double book.
Something to add to your planner is special events like anniversaries, school breaks and birthdays. Your planner will not only allow you to stay organized and on top of your game in your own life but your child’s life as well. If your child has a big project due at school or certain paperwork that needs to be sent in for field trips, a planner is the perfect place to write it all down in.

When you are setting up a planner you can include your daily to do lists. Writing them out in order from what you should do first or what is most important on each day will keep you on schedule. This eliminates wasted time from wondering what to do next and you won’t forget important tasks. Things on your daily to-do list can range from errands you need to run, phone calls you need to make, home duties to the breakdown of work projects.

Meeting Notes
Most planners include note taking spots but you can add sections by purchasing them individually or downloading sections on the internet. When you go to a doctor appointment or school meeting, you can write down notes in this section. This will provide a way to keep track of what the main topic was, what was said and the next steps of action. Having a meeting note section can put a date on anything. So, next time you attend a meeting, you can look back to see if progress was made.

Some Free Downloads:

Meeting Notes

Meeting Planner

Decorating and Color Coding
Set up and organize your planner by color coding! You can do this by assigning a certain color for an individual family member or category. If your daughter has a sleepover and you want to mark it down, write it out in that picked out color. Examples of this would be orange for home, blue for work, red for pets, green for your kids and purple for your spouse. Writing in the special colors will help you to find things easily. If you think all that color in your planner would be too over bearing for you, draw a circle next to the item in the color chosen instead.
Your planner doesn’t have to be boring. You can find some decorating inspiration on this planner inspiration page. You can decorate your planner pages with stickers and washi tape. These items can be found in craft stores like Michaels, Joann Fabrics, Paper Source and Hobby Lobby. You can also find unique choices on the website Etsy for stickers and washi tape.

Using a planner can really help when it comes to managing your life. It will help you remain on schedule so you can be your most productive self. Sticking to a schedule can be difficult but planners help you focus on what is important. You don’t have to be in the workforce to use one. They can lend a helping hand to everyone.

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