Community Helps Homeless Teen With Cerebral Palsy

19-year-old Jake has Cerebral Palsy and was walking along a rural highway in Monroe, Washington in search of his favorite animal – horses – when a stranger stopped him to offer help.

Aaron Panagos said communication was difficult at first. Once he learned that Jake was homeless, and it was clear that he couldn’t take care of himself, Aaron called police to see what they could do to help.

Aaron and officer Paul Henderson took Jake to Valley General Hospital in Monroe with, where he received care and shelter.

“This is a guy who just can’t take care of himself. It’s not like a choice he made,” said Henderson. “For somebody in his circumstance, it’s definitely difficult because you want to see that kind of person being taken care of more so more than myself or some other family member.”

Aaron, Henderson and fellow officer Derrick Lether contacted every agency they can think of to find a place for Jake to live, but they’ve had no luck so far.

Then on Thursday, September 25, a local couple saw Jake’s story on KOMO News and decided to help. The couple, who are already foster parents to two other children with Cerebral Palsy, welcomed Jake into their home on Thursday. The couple says Jake is already bonding with the family’s horse!

UPDATE, October 13, 2014: KOMO News reports that Jake has been reunited with his mother! Click here to read about the reunion.